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Minter 1

Viancee' Minter

Ashlee Jelks

British Literature

19 February 2018

Beowulf Boast
I am Janya, blood-sharer and walking memory of my great protector, Nya
Johnson. I have lived in many lands throughout my life and overcame beating
of blades life has thrown at me. This chaos road has taught me many things.
When I think about them all it seems as if grass grows greener in the graveyard.
Until the remembrance of her love languished in the limelight. I've survived
many years of days that felt like death in the desert during the day. My devotion
has been with softball for as long as the river and sea have been one. My
amazing career has influenced my every move toward my commitment to
softball. My championships, my 1st teams, and my offers are symbolic awards
toward my great protector. My candle burns It may last till mid night; Oh but,
my friends, and ah, my foes- It gives me a shiny light.
I, blood-sharer and daughter of my dad, Karee will fight off all setbacks. Maintain a
stabilized mindset of success to achieve lifelong goals and short-term goals. My
father has been my support system longer than I've known. He has attended
every game winning shot and every college invitation camp. With the
knowledge I maintain to gain, I shall learn how to entertain all peoples in ways
to benefit my pockets. Learn to engages ones' interest positively. Learn how to
humble myself when need be, and learn the ways of social nobility. As Janya
of the Minter family I will always dedicate my life learnings to my loving
parents. As I become one of the most dominant women to step foot on earth, I
will embark on a journey of athletics and sociology to implement success.