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Knox County Schools

TEAM Lesson Plan Template

Teacher: Angelina Cicero
Class: 1st grade
Course Unit: 4.3
Lesson Title: Reading Street Unit 4.3 A Trip to Washington D.C.
LESSON OVERVIEW Summary of the task, challenge, investigation, career-related scenario,
problem, or community link.

-I will be taking over Ms. Hutchins’s class for their reading lesson.
- Go over the Concept Map (What treasures can we find in our country?)
- After concept map, go over the vocabulary in the story.
-After vocabulary, finish A Trip to Washington D.C.
-Ask questions while finishing the story. (ex: So, this is where you guys left off yesterday,
who is this person on the page? Student will answer George Washington. Yes! Now why is
George Washington important?)
- Go into today’s objective
-Assign writing response, state clearly what is wanted from them, then model an example.
STANDARDS Identify what you want to teach. Reference State, Common Core, ACT
College Readiness Standards and/or State Competencies.
RL.1.1 Ask and answer questions about key details in a text
SL.1.2 Ask and answer questions about key details in a text read aloud or information
presented orally or through other media.
OBJECTIVE Clear, Specific, and Measurable – NOT ACTIVITIES
I can read, talk, and write about the text to better understand it.

ASSESSMENT/EVALUATION Students show evidence of proficiency through a variety of

Aligned with the Lesson Objective

Students will write their own quick write/writing response and will also find textual
MATERIALS Aligned with the Lesson Objective
Rigorous & Relevant
-Reading Street Book
-Pointer Finger
- Quick Write/Writing Response Papers
Knox County Schools

An Essential Question encourages students to put forth more effort when

faced with a complex, open-ended, challenging, meaningful and
authentic questions.

Announced it was time for whole group reading and all students needed to clean up and
head to the carpet.
INSTRUCTION Step-by-Step Procedures-Sequence
Discover/Explain – Direct Instruction
Modeling Expectations – “I Do”
Questioning/Encourages Higher Order Thinking
Grouping Strategies
Differentiated Instructional Strategies to Provide Intervention &
1. Gather students to the carpet
2. Go over/Finish concept map
3. Go over Vocabulary of the story
4. Finish reading story
5. Go over objective
6. Go over writing response and what’s wanted
7. Send students to do quick write/writing response
Encourage Higher Order Thinking & Problem Solving
Differentiated Strategies for Practice to Provide Intervention & Extension

I DO: Finish book, ask questions, do an example of their quick write/writing response.
WE DO: Concept Map on what treasures can we find in our Country?
For going over quick write we come up with an example of what is wanted on writing
YOU DO: They do writing response on their own using text evidence.
CLOSURE Reflection/Wrap-Up
Summarizing, Reminding, Reflecting, Restating, Connecting

For closure I just made sure that the students made sure what they were doing. I had them
repeat the directions to me after I said them. Ex: Me: What are we going to use?
Students: Text evidence!
Social Studies. They learn about Washington D.C., The First President, Lincoln Memorial,
Washington Monument, Bald Eagle…. etc.