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WOULD YOU Music by ARTHUR FREED NACIO HERB BROWN Be Be Pat . Chorus, Valse lento espressivo Et P. He holds her in his arms Would You Would You He Tid —— Eb aa Bk =: fa — her of her charms Would You ta To —— Eb? Ass Abms poco arte as you and I and they were on — ly friends - INS MUSIC CORPORATION, Now York N. ¥, ured Made in U.S.A hts Reserved Inchding Public Performan f ion without the consent of * rune Ukulele AD FR an infingament of copyright cm? 64 F9 ro Abme BT Eh - ry ends hell kiss her with a sigh Would You Would You the girlwere I Would is poco orese. Would You And Would You dareto say Lets do the same as —— anid pad r ; ‘ag eel st would Would You, =|