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Jesse Ball - Sleep, Death's Brother

Pioneer Works Press 2018 ISBN 9781945711022 Acqn 27019
Pb 12x18cm 88pp 22ills £16.25

Sleep, Death's Brother is an instruction manual on dreaming for children or incarcerated persons,
teaching such individuals to lucid dream and thus use their dreams to somewhat escape their
situations. While it is often the case that dream life is passively experienced, acclaimed novelist
Jesse Ball (born 1978) reminds us that dreaming life is also a place where a sense of agency can
grow. Even in the midst of physical or emotional environments that do not support such
development in waking life, dreams are a place where one can take control. Ball calls for bravery
in the exploration of this practice, and provides the dreamer with useful habits and techniques.
Full of affirmation and wisdom, Sleep, Death's Brother is a guidebook "for all oneironauts young
and old."

99 Cents or Less
MOCA Detroit 2018 ISBN 9781942607830 Acqn 28345
Pb 21x30cm 288pp 134col ills £39.50

The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit's show 99_ or Less gathers 99 American artists
addressing Detroit's ongoing economic crisis, its 2013 bankruptcy and its role as an industrial
powerhouse. The participating artists, among them John Baldessari, Brian Belott, Sarah Crowner,
Michelle Grabner, Rob Pruitt and Amy Sillman, use materials from 99 cent stores.

Rodney McMillian
Radius Books 2018 ISBN 9781942185390 Acqn 28286
Hb 23x28cm 172pp 120col ills £49

Blending the personal with the political, Los Angeles-based artist Rodney McMillian (born 1969)
has worked in a range of mediums and materials, including sculpture, painting, video,
performance and immersive environments, to explore themes of class, gender, race, social
history and culture. His work frequently incorporates "post-consumer" and found objects as well
as techniques of interactivity and performativity.

This volume surveys McMillian's performance-based work to date and documents the artist's new
site-specific project for The Contemporary Austin. McMillian, inaugural recipient of the Suzanne
Deal Booth Art Prize, has been invited to work in The Contemporary Austin's downtown site, the
Jones Center on Congress Avenue, taking over the entire space physically and psychologically
inverting viewer assumptions with entire floors transformed into immersive spaces of sound,
video and colour.

Cheryl Donegan
Aspen Art Press 2018 ISBN 9780934324823 Acqn 28289
Hb 19x21cm 240pp 100ills 80col £40

New York-based artist Cheryl Donegan (born 1962) is well known for her integration of
performance and video with painting and installation, and her subversive spin on issues
pertaining to gender, sex and art. This first substantial survey of her work, published for her 2018
travelling exhibition, examines her paintings, and includes new, highly conceptual work that
continues to transgress traditional media, often merging painting with fashion and appropriated
imagery gleaned from pop culture.

Text by Anja Aronowsky Cronberg, Bill Arning, Daniel Baumann, Bob Buck, Johanna Burton,
Wade Guyton, Rem Koolhaas, Heidi Zuckerman.

Nate Lowman
Aspen Art Press 2018 ISBN 9780934324816 Acqn 28290
Hb 19x26cm 240pp 100ills 80col £40

Taking humanity and popular culture as his subject matter, Nate Lowman (born 1979)
approaches these themes as an active participant in the collective American experience.
Underscoring this is desire: a longing for something or someone, or a wish for something to
happen. The duality inherent in desire is contained in Lowman's use of well-known images whose
meanings are both instantly recognizable and constantly in flux. Appropriated, relatable images
and language from American pop culture and its 24-hour news cycle form a narrative and tell part
of the American story. Angels, poppies, hearts, pine-tree air fresheners, smiley faces, iconic
celebrities, crosses and news articles-all presented through the lens of desire-confront viewers
with the things of modern life that are often left unsaid and unexamined.

For more than a decade, Nate Lowman has produced paintings, sculptures, and (often salon-
style) installations that process and represent the unfolding human experience in a visual
environment of endlessly proliferating public media archives. Re-presenting and reframing
techniques of image reproduction as painterly practice, Lowman constructs narratives condensed
in layers of studio techniques, including printing, cropping, projecting, cutting, staining,
repurposing, lacquering, stripping and stretching. His paintings explore the capacity of images to
mediate between the personal and the universal in cycles of decay and renewal.

Published on the occasion of the Aspen Art Museum's exhibition of the New York-based artist,
Nate Lowman is the first comprehensive monograph on the artist to date.

Carroll Dunham – Wrestlers

Blum & Poe 2018 ISBN 9780986112867 Acqn 28291
Hb 25x31cm 74pp 32ills 16col £40

Carroll Dunham (born 1949) has been exploring the subject of the wrestler since the 1980s,
making it an ideal motif for the artist to pivot around as he begins to shift away from his fabled
nude-in-landscape paintings of the past decade. Wrestlers brings together four recent,
interconnected bodies of work. These are the Wrestling Place series (depicting two Herculean
figures tussling against a barren panorama); the Self-Examination paintings (featuring intimately
folded bodies within tensely cropped picture planes); the Wrestler suite (portraits of men facing
away from the viewer and exposing scuffed, bruised backs); and The Golden Age (scenes of
wrestlers rendered in pencil on gessoed linen). Published in connection with an exhibition at Blum
& Poe, Los Angeles, this catalogue features a new essay by artist and writer Alexi Worth.

When Art Becomes Liberty: The Egyptian Surrealists (1938-1965)

MMCA 2018 ISBN 9788963031514 Acqn 28270
Pb 14x20cm 256pp 185ills 125col £21.95

This catalogue for an exhibition in Seoul offers an extraordinary opportunity to discover how ideas
and aesthetic forms have travelled and evolved beyond those centres of power where they were
born or consolidated since the early 20th century. Featuring more than 160 artworks (paintings,
sculptures, drawings, and photographs) it focuses on the efforts of a group of Egyptian artists
who believed that making art was an instrument to acquire freedom, and highlights the role that
artists and art have played in movements that led to the independence of many countries which
experienced colonial occupation in the 20th century. With essays by Park Joowon and Salah M.

Kimsooja - Archive Of Mind

MMCA 2018 ISBN 9788963031637 Acqn 28308
Pb 23x30cm 300pp col ills £95

Part of an annual series of monographic exhibitions at the National Museum of Modern and
Contemporary Art in Korea, this fascinating volume features the multidisciplinary conceptual artist
Kimsooja. Her unique oeuvre combines locality and universality in videos, photographs,
performances, and site-specific installations. She explores the human condition while addressing
cultural and social issues, including migration, refugees, opposing identities, and the
environment, investigating these concepts through multiple genres, materials, and
methodologies. This catalogue focuses on acts of creation and processes, as the exhibition made
active use of viewer participation.

Academy Of Tal R In Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen 2018 ISBN 9789069183039 Acqn 28386
Pb 21x27cm 120pp 100col ills £33.75

Published on the occasion of a broad survey of Tal R's oeuvre over the past 20 years, this
volume documents the extraordinary show at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam
and adds a personal perspective, emphasising the tactile quality of the artist's work. The Danish
artist is particularly known for the way he transforms everything in his environment into art. His
work appears wild and vital, with a knowingly playful, almost absurdist tone, and he freely
combines various styles, media, and materials, including painting, sculpture, installation, collage,
drawing, prints, artist's books, and furniture. Essays by Sjarel Ex, Roos van der Lint, and Esmee
Postma provide insight.

Impressionism And Beyond - A Wonderful Journey

Thoth Uitgeverij 2018 ISBN 9789068687521 Acqn 28441
Hb 23x28cm 176pp 150ills 125col £33.75

This volume celebrates the period in the late 19th century when a group of artists in France
began producing work that ran contrary to the prevailing academic opinions regarding paintings.
Venturing into the countryside, they broke with traditions and rules and represented reality on
their canvases with rapid, fluid brushstrokes. Published on the occasion of an exhibition curated
by Fred Leeman at Singer Laren in the Netherlands, the catalogue presents paintings and works
on paper by impressionists and post-impressionists from the collection of the John and Marine
van Vlissingen Art Foundation. Besides the popular early artists, it also includes later neo-
impressionists and Fauvists.

Piet Mondrian - The Complete Writings

Primavera Pers 2018 ISBN 9789059972384 Acqn 28459
Hb 18x25cm 640pp col ills £56

From the beginning of 1914 until his death in 1944, Mondrian wrote more than a hundred essays
on the subject of art and society. He wrote in Dutch, French and English, his choice of language
often depending on his place of residence. All of Mondrian's writings proclaim his conviction that
art paves the way to a better society. Many of his texts have been published, but the original
versions were often translated, edited, and polished. This book aims to present the painter's
words as he wrote them, going back to the original sources of all of Mondrian's manuscripts,
typescripts, and personal papers.

Reclaiming Art - Reshaping Democracy

Les Presses Du Reel 2018 ISBN 9782840667209 Acqn 28461
Hb 15x24cm 432pp col ills £33.75

Drawing on examples from France and the United States, this publication offers a
multidisciplinary reflection on a new type of engagement of art in democracy, renewing
relationships between creation, culture and society (adaptated from a French publication on the
New Patrons's activities, updated with contributions from the Anglo-American intellectual scene).

Dadara - Open Your Mind So We Can Use Your Data

Kochxbos Publishers 2018-04-12 ISBN 9789082194456 Acqn 28466
Hb 21x27cm 196pp col ills £51

Daniel Rozenberg, who works under the artist name Dadara, began his career in the early 1990s
designing flyers and record covers for the up-and-coming electronic dance scene in Amsterdam.
Both avant-garde and postmodern, the enigmatic artist, designer, and cartoonist has since
accomplished numerous works, most notably interactive performance installations in public space
since the early 2000s. He is a master in recognising how place can influence the power and
influence of the work. Dadara's practice is a kind of tweaked mirror which reflects our society,
blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Perhaps a black mirror, but one that has a rainbow
at the end of the tunnel.

Jonathan Horowitz - Leftover Paint Abstractions

Xavier Hufkens 2018 ISBN 9789491245206 Acqn 28508
Hb 21x29cm 72pp col ills £28

Published in conjunction with an exhibition of new work by New York-based artist Jonathan
Horowitz at Xavier Hufkens, Brussels, this catalogue introduces a radical departure from
Horowitz's previous work: a new painting series that could be described as abstract expressionist.
The project emerged from thinking about ways to get rid of leftover paint. As art historian Joshua
Decter writes in his text for the book, "An old adage has it that a painting is never finished, it is
merely abandoned. For Horowitz, one might propose a new adage: that a can of paint is never
finished, it is merely abandoned with some leftover paint inside of it." Features a conversation
with the artist.

L'Invention de Morel ou la Machine a Images

Editions Xavier Barral 2018 ISBN 9782365111676 Acqn 28489
Pb 14x21cm 280pp 148ills col £27
Text in French

As a fantastic novel, The Invention of Morel, by the Argentinian writer Adolfo Bioy Casares,
inspired many writers, film-makers and contemporary artists, from its release in 1940, until today.
This publication gathers 15 international artists and 4 film-makers’ works, chosen by the art
historian Thierry Dufrêne, mingling with Bioy Casares’ full text. An original perspective of this well-
known novel, also accompanied by quotes from classics of literature, and extracts from films, that
has a particular echo in the era of selfies, where image and identity are merging.

The Amme Talks By Ulf Stolterfoht

Triple Canopy 2018 ISBN 9780997852448 Acqn 28325
Pb 11x18cm 192pp 8col ills £13.75

The Amme Talks is a conversation between poet and machine. In 2003, poet Ulf Stolterfoht and a
chatbot named Amme met in Berlin. For one week, Stolterfoht interrogated Amme about the
nature of authorship and language, stumbling on a remarkable "second-order realism."

Anna Della Subin - Not Dead But Sleeping

Triple Canopy 2018 ISBN 9780984734696 Acqn 28326
Pb 11x18cm 192pp 17ills 10col £13.75

Prompted by the 2011 Egyptian uprising, this book-length essay on the cultural politics of sleep
takes Tawfiq al-Hakim's 1933 play The People of the Cave as its starting point in an exploration
of the speculative, revolutionary potential of sleep.

Qazvini's Ajaib Al Makhluqat

Nazar Research Cultural Institute 2018 ISBN 9786001521652 Acqn 28469
Pb 22x22cm 132pp ills £18.50

Reenacting History - Collective Actions And Everyday Gestures

MMCA 2018 ISBN 9788963031590 Acqn 28507
Pb 24x34cm 244pp 120ills 85col £54.50

Reenacting History is an international exhibition that focuses on how the body and gestures can,
as an artistic medium, reveal social, historical, and cultural contexts and interest from the 1960s
to today. The body is a place in the front line, where “I” form a relationship with others, and a
contact zone through which “I” encounter various situations in the world. At the same time, it is a
“storehouse of memory,” where the past is inscribed, and a “social place,” where biopolitics
function through power, capital, and knowledge. Since the 1960s, many artists who sought to
bring the realm of life into art and integrate the two favoured the body as an artistic medium,
because the body is the fundamental existence of human life from the past to the present.

The gestures in Reenacting History record history that language failed to write down, history that
cannot be summoned by language, and the history of trauma and absence that language cannot
possibly bear. For this reason, “writing down history through gestures” could be an “alternative,
resistant recording of history.”

Krzysztof Wodiczko - Instruments, Monuments, Projections

MMCA 2018 ISBN 9788963031538 Acqn 28510
Pb 21x27cm 208pp 220ills 90col £54.50

This exhibition presents artwork from the nearly 50-year-long career of Polish artist Krzysztof
Wodiczko (b.1943). Renowned for projecting the voices of social minorities in public spaces, the
artist provides a means of expression for those who are invisible and silent. His work pioneered
the engagement of the urban context, using public spaces, monuments, and civic buildings to
address and facilitate the need for dialogue and debate among members of society. This
exhibition deepens our understanding of the relationship between art, society, and the democratic
process and will include an interactive media art project specifically created for this occasion.

Jonas Mekas - Again, Again It All Comes Back To Me

MMCA 2018 ISBN 9788963031651 Acqn 28511
Hb 20x24cm 318pp 260ills 140col £54.50

Jonas Mekas's oeuvre is an ode to the vitality of daily life. In his films and video-installations, the
camera becomes a diary for recording intense fragments of his life: a flower, a cat, the energy of
a choir, or a gathering with his friends Andy Warhol, Allen Ginsberg, and Yoko Ono. Through
non-narrative, kaleidoscopic editing, Mekas assembles these moments into lyrical films that
evince the language of poetry. Flipping through the pages of this diary, the exhibition traces the
key stages of the life they describe, transforming the gallery into a mosaic of images that
continually combine and collide to create new meaning.

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA) proudly presents Again,
Again It All Comes Back to Me in Brief Glimpses, which celebrates the extraordinary life and work
of Jonas Mekas, one of the true pillars of avant-garde and independent cinema. This is the first
retrospective of Mekas's career that has ever been held in Asia.

Through a vast and diverse selection of artworks that comprehensively cover the sixty-year
career of the Lithuanian-born filmmaker and poet, the exhibition looks at Mekas's practice as an
exercise of resistance to human brutality, as a pursuit of happiness that loudly resonates in these
uncertain times.