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2455 Paces Ferry Road, N.W.

· Atlanta, GA 30339-4024
(770) 433-8211

After Ms. Todd pleaded the Fifth Amendment while

under oath and receiving improper exparte instructions
from the court and other irregularities. (See page 4, 5
September 6, 2016 and 6 of this document)

Honorable Tonny Beavers What crime did the Petitioner commit that required her pleading
280 Constitution Blvd
the Fifth? Does The Home Depot Corporate condone crimes by
Dallas, GA 30132
a corporate gateway employee or the use of the word nigga or
Your Honor, nigglet? Is the dignity of Georgia's Judicial System in question?

On Thursday, 08/11/16 and Friday, 08/12/16 Mr. Gilbert Freeman, Jr. was observed walking on Paces
Ferry Road displaying a sign with inflammatory remarks directed at the mother of his children, Home
Depot associate Jody Todd. Although Mr. Freeman was on a public street, he was in clear view our
Store Support Center, was observed by many associates, and was in close proximity to our property. It
is my understanding this situation involves an ongoing domestic dispute, and that associate Todd
previously obtained a protective restraining order against Mr. Freeman in the past and is in the process
of submitting a request to renew same.

Given the prevalence and unpredictability of workplace violence, my concerns are not only for the
safety of associate Todd, but for the precedence Mr. Freeman could be establishing for future potential
domestic situations involving other Home Depot associates. I would like to proactively discourage
such situations.

I am respectfully asking if you could extend the protective restraining order from 300 yards to a
distance of two miles. Mr. Freeman would still be able to display his sign publicly if he felt the need
to do so, but he would not be seen by The Home Depot associates and invite potential "copy cats" to
our Store Support Center. Additionally, many workplace violence situations involve firearms, and two
miles would be an appropriate distance to negate any thought and/or effectiveness of using a weapon.
Any consideration you could give this request is very much appreciated.


Mike Merritt
Senior Director
Corporate Security
Both the Petitioner and The Home Depot were so
concerned about "workplace violence" in an open
carry state by an unarmed protester that it was
decided that the Petitioner should go within ten feet
of the Respondent to take this picture?
The Home Depot Store Support Center - Google Maps


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