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Observation Task 2: Teaching a Phonics Lesson

Table 2: Teaching a Phonics Lesson

The Structure of the Lesson
What the teacher does What the children do Comments
Introducing the Sound:
The student try guess what the
The teacher was teaching the letter of the week It was good introduction but some
student sound letter B of them was not listing to the
teacher, in my opinion teacher have
Sing with video the letter B song to start with activity to get their
The teacher starts the lesson attention.
by ask the student
Each student will guess what inside
What letter do you think we the box that start with letter B
will learn today?

Then show them video about

letter B
After than what in the box
‘Words start with letter B Bat

Hearing the Sound in the initial position: The student will listen to
She said the sound of the letter and in the sound of the letter and
In my opinion teacher can use
the some time using flash card that have try to say it musical material because that help
letter B. to get the correct sound of the letter
and they will learn by fun

Introducing the Writing of the Sound:

The teacher first wrote letter B in the

board and explain for them how ( first we The student follow teacher
will make line and than two magic instruction and try draw on the air
rainbow than ask student to draw on the after that in the boards.
air after that write letter B in the board
Practicing Writing the Sound:
In the activity are the teacher first explain Listen to teacher role and how to The teacher have to use different
each activity in the circle time after that do each activity after that do the things like for example wools to
the student do writing activity activity by there own and show the make tracing letter, For the sound
teacher teacher can bring musical
Reflections on Observation Task 2: Teaching a Phonics Lesson

1. What program is used in your school to teach phonics? The teacher use
powerpoint and some time she used smart board .

2. How is phonics taught in your school?

The teacher teach the phonics in the circle time and show them video about the lesson after
that she do activity in the circle time for hall class.

3. What was the focus of the lesson?

The teacher focus in sound of the letter.

4. Were the learners engaged in the phonics lesson? If they were, select (a); if they were not, select (b).

a. Describe the different types of active engagement activities that the

teacher used.
The teacher engages the student in the first by show them video of the letter, and than engage
them by the guess what in the box activity.

5. What types of activities did the children participate in during their independent centers that reinforced the lesson
objective/learning outcome? If they participated in learning centers, select (a); if they did not, select (b)
a) Describe the different types of learning centre activities that the students

The student have different activity in each centre, for example in the science centre the student
used lens to found letter B and in the writing the student make tracing letter and in the art the
student make letter b by using colour paper.