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Jam Track Central -- HOW TO USE THIS PACKAGE

All filenames follow the same pattern... the abbreviated name of the package is
followed by the track name. For example, the file ended .mp3 after the track name
would be the solo example track.

Most bundles have two jam tracks for each solo... "_sjt.mp3" is a shorter backing
track, designed to fit the sample solos exactly, in case you're mad enough to learn
them note for note!

The other one ("jt.mp3") is the extended jam track.

The two transcription files will end in "pdf" for the PDF version and "ptb" for the
Powertab version.

If you've bought a package with videos, those are the files ending in ".mp4", and
they'll play in iTunes, Quicktime, VLC or Windows Media Player.

All of our files follow this pattern.

For best results, load all of the audio files into an mp3 player such as iTunes or
Winamp. That way, you'll see all of the artist/album/track information from the ID3
tags, which look a lot better than the filenames!

Some bundles may feature two sets of Tab. For example, Alex Hutchings uses EADGCF
tuning normally, but we have also included tweaked versions of the Tab for standard
EADGBE tuning... look for the folder inside the main notation folder.

We hope you enjoy the package!

Adrian, Jan and Jonny,