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Se acorda 30 p din oficiu. Toate subiectele sunt obligatorii.

I. Finish the sentences. (10P)

1. If Amy does the washing up,
a. Her brother will clean the table
b. Her brother would clean the table
c. Her brother would have cleared the table
2. If he learned the new words,
a. He can get a good mark in the test
b. He could get a good mark in the test
c. He could have got good mark in the test
3. I would go to the party
a. If you come with me
b. If you came with me
c. If you had come with me
4. If we see the film,
a. We will not buy the DVD
b. We would not buy the DVD
c. We would not have bought the DVD
5. My uncle would stay longer in New York
a. If he has more time
b. If he had more time
c. If he had had more time
6. The teacher will not be happy
a. If we forget our homework again
b. If we forgot our homework again
c. If we had forgotten our homework again
7. If I were you,
a. I will not play hockey
b. I would not play hockey
c. I would not have played hockey
8. If you drove from Paris to Lisbon,
a. Which way will you go?
b. Which way would you go?
c. Which way would you have gone?
9. If you wait a minute,
a. I’ll go with you
b. I’d go with you
c. I’d have gone with you
10. You would sleep much better
a. If you will take your medicine
b. If you took your medicine
c. If you had taken your medicine

II. Complete the sentences: (30P)

1. If the weather was better, we _________ (to come) by bike.
2. If you were older, you _______ (to go) to the party.
3. If Alice _______ (to have) more money, she would go to Africa.
4. John’s mother _______ (to have) more time for him if he does the washing
5. They will stay longer in Paris if they _______ (to find) a cheap hotel.
6. He can write good stories if he _______ (to feel) like it.
7. If I study, I _______ (to pass) the test.
8. If the sun shone, we _______ (to go ) swimming.
9. They _______ (to fly) to Canberra if they have more money.
10. She will be late if the train _______ (to be) delayed.

III. Write a short paragraph (50 -80 words) and answer one of the questions: (30P)

 If you had a time machine and could travel to three times in history, which
times would you want to visit, and why?

 If you could choose which three objects to take with you to a desert island,
what would you take?

 What would you do to have a perfect day? Where would you go? Who
would you spend your perfect day with?

I. Finish the sentences. (10P)

1. A
2. B
3. B
4. A
5. B
6. A
7. B
8. B
9. A
10. B

II. Complete the sentences: (30P)

1. Would come
2. Would go
3. Had
4. Will have
5. Find
6. Feels
7. Will pass
8. Would go
9. Will fly
10. Is

III. Write a short paragraph (50 -80 words) and answer one of the questions: (30P)

Communicative achievement 5p
Task achievement 5p
Vocabulary 10p
Grammar 10p

DISCIPLINE: English Language

TEACHER: Mircea Oana-Valeria
TIME: 50 minutes
DATE: 20. 02. 2017

C1: Review of First and Second Conditional
C2: Review of vocabulary
C3: Review of productive skills

I1: Objective item – choose the correct answer
I2: Objective item – fill in the verb form
I3: Objective item – write a paragraph

Number of papers: 20
Grade 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
No. of - 1 2 2 5 5 3 2

Class average: 7,73

 Most students were able to choose the correct answer
 Most students are able to put the verbs in the correct form
 Students have difficulties with recognizing the type of conditional
 Students have difficulties with the writing task
 The teacher will practice this test type every two weeks with the students and will evaluate
their progress.
 The teacher will focus on the students’ weak points trying to explain and give more
 Students will have to practice their weak points every week within their homework