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Economic survey

Q1) The File cover chosen for 2018 economic survey report was pink because
A) To support human rights B) To highlight gender issues against backdrop of development
C) To extend support to the movements for women’s right D) To create mass awareness on Child Trafficking

Q2) The sex ratio of last birth in the country has come down from
39.4 to ?
A) 38 % B) 39% C) 37 % D) 30%

Q3) The survey assesses the gender issues on three specific dimensions which show the status, role and
empowerment of women at present. These were :
A) Outcomes, Decisions, Agency B) Priority, Decision Making, Outcomes
C) Agency, Attitude , Outcomes

Q4) What was GDP growth for year FY 2017- 2018 as per Economic Survey?
A) 6% B) 6.25% C) 6.75% D) 7%

Q5) GDP growth prediction for year Fiscal year 2018 – 2019 is :
A. 6 - 6.25% B. 7 – 7.5% C. 6.75 – 7 %

Q6 ) What was the Fiscal Deficit for the FY 2017 – 2018

A) 3.9 % B) 3.2% C) 3.6% D) 3.3%

Q7) For the first time in India's history, data on the which has been dwelt in the Economic Survey ?
A) Garments Industry B) international exports of states C) Fiscal deficit of states

Q8) Top one percent of Indian firms account only for what % ofexports ?
A) 40% B) 38% C) 45% D) 41%

Q9) Rebate of State Levies (ROSL) has increased exports of readymade garments (man-made fibers) by
about what %?
a) 15% b) 16& c) 17% d) 18%

Q10 ) According to the Survey, how many new individual tax payers have been added since demonetisation?
a) 2 million b) 1.8 million c) 2.1 million d) 1.9 million

Q11) Taking into account the social security provisions like Employees’ Provident Fund
Organisation/Employees’ State Insurance Corp, the formal sector payroll was found to be about what % of
non-agricultural work force?
A) 31% B) 30% C) 29% D) 28%

Q12) If the formal sector of the economy is defined in terms of being part of GST net, such formal sector
payroll share stands what percent?
A) 60% B) 55% C) 53% D) 45%

Q13) Farm incomes in India may fall by up to what % in unirrigated areas in the medium term as a result of
climate change?
A) 30% B) 20% C) 25% D) 28%

Q14) An analysis in the Economic Survey found that during the years when rainfall levels drop 100 mm
below average, farmer incomes would fall by 15% during which season and 7% during the

which one?
A) Rabi & Kharif season B) Kharif & Zaid Season C) Kharif & Rabi Season
D) Zaid & Rabi Season

Q15 ) There has been a fifty percent increase in the number of ?

A) Direct tax Payers B) Indirect tax Payers

Q16 ) Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and which two other states together accounted for 70% of India‟s
exports ?
A) Telangana & Tamil Nadu B) Karnataka & kerala C) Andhra Pradesh & Tamil nadu

Q17 ) Which two states have seen large increases in the number of tax registrants compared to the old tax
A) Uttar Pradesh & West Bengal B) Madhya Pradesh & UP
C) Kerala & Gujarat D) Rajasthan & Gujarat

Q18) Agriculture, industry and services sectors are expected to grow at the rate of __________, ________,
and ____________ respectively in 2017-18.
A) 4.4%, 2.1% & 8% B) 5%, 3%, 7% C) 2.1%, 4.4%, 8.3%

Q19) States with the greatest number of GST registrants?

A) Maharashtra, UP, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat B) Maharashtra, UP, West Bengal and Gujarat
C) Madhya Pradesh UP, West Bengal and Gujarat

Q20 ) The Economic Survey estimated that every $10 per barrel increase in the price of oil reduces growth by
_______ percentage points, increases WPI inflation by about _________percentage
points .
A) 0.5 - 0.1 % , 2 % B) 0.2-0.3 % & 1.7% C) 0.4 – 0.5 % & 1.8%

Q21 ) The average oil prices are forecast by the IMF to be about ________ percent higher in 2018-19?
A) 10% B) 12 % C) 14 % D) 11%

Q22) Consumer Price Index(CPI) based headline inflation averaged _________ per cent during the period
2017-2018which is the lowest in the last six financial years.
A) 3.3% B) 3.4% C) 3.2% D) 3.5%

Q23) It is estimated that percentage of agricultural workers in total work force would drop to 25.7% by ____?
A) 2060 B) 2055 C) 2050 D) 2040

Q 24 ) India has Common but Differentiated Responsibilities and in the light of national circumstances with
the ―Paris Pledge‖ to reduce the emission intensity of GDP by 33-35 percent over 2005 levels by the year
_______ ?
A) 2022 B) 2030 C) 2035 D) 2040

Q25 ) Survey says that India‘s urban population is projected to grow to about ______by 2031.
A) 500 million B) 550 Million C) 600 Million D) 650 Million

Q26) Stating that as on 30th November 2017, the share of renewable energy sources was ____in the total
installed capacity of electricity in the country ?
A) 15% B) 20% C) 18% D) 21%
Q27) Outlining India‘s commitment to address Climate Change, the Survey mentions establishment of _____
Global Technology Watch Groups ?
A) 8 B) 6 C) 5 D) 4

Q28 ) India remained the _______ largest exporter in commercial services in the world in 2016 with share of
3.4 per cent ?
A) 6th B) 7th C) 8th D) 9th

Q29 ) Out of the 32 States and Union Territories (UTs), in 15 states and UTs, the _______is the dominant
sector, contributing more than half of the Gross State Value Added (GSVA).
A) Agriculture B) Industrial C) Service

Q30) In terms of services GSVA share, Delhi and ______are at the top with over 80 per cent share.
A) Gujarat B) Madhya Pradesh C) Chandigarh D) Punjab

Q31 ) In terms of services GSVA growth, _______ is at the top and ________ at the bottom with 14.5 per
cent and 7.0 per cent growth respectively in 2016-17.
A) Jharkhand; Bihar B) Bihar; Uttar Pradesh C) Bihar; Chhattisgarh

Q32) The Services sector continued to be the key driver of India‘s economic growth contributing almost
__________ per cent of GVA growth in 2017-18.
A) 80.5% B) 72.5% C) 65.5% D) 75.5%

Q33) As per economic survey Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, _______and ________ were the
Top 5 Destination States in 2016.
A) Madhya Pradesh & Karnataka B) Chhattisgarh & Kerala C) Gujarat & Rajasthan

Q34) About 4.6 crore households were provided employment during 2017- 18 as on 14thJanuary, 2018. Out
of this, _____per cent were generated by women, ____ per cent by Schedule Castes and _____ per cent by
Schedule Tribes.
A) 54% ; 22% ; 17% B) 20% ; 15%; 18% C) 45% ; 12%, 15%

Q35) The Survey takes note of the National Health Policy 2017 which recommended increasing State sector
health spending to more than ______ of the States‘ Government Budget by 2020
A) 9% B) 12% C) 10% D) 8%

Q 36) The Survey has been significant improvement in the health status of individuals in India as life
expectancy at birth has increased by ___________ years during the period 1990 to 2015.
A) 9 years B) 10 years C) 12 years D) 5 years

Q37) The number of persons defecating in open in rural areas, which were 55 crore in October, 2014 declined
to ______in January, 2018.
A) 20 crore B) 25 crore C) 30 crore D) 22 crore

Q38) _________ states and ______ Union Territories. Have been declared as ODF completely ?
A) 7 states & 3 UTs B) 8 States & 2 UTs C) 9 States & 3Uts

Q 39) Foreign exchange reserves grew by _____ percent on a y-o-y basis from end December 2016 (US$
358.9 billion) to end December 2017 (US$ 409.4 billion)
A) 14.1% B) 15.1% C) 16.1% D) 18.1%

Q40) What is the rank of India in terms of total foreign exchange reserve ?
A) 5th B) 7th C) 6th D) 8th

Q41 ) The export growth for FY 2017-2018 stood at

A) 12.1% B) 10.9% C) 8.8% D) 7.5%

Q42 ) Consumer Price Index(CPI) based headline inflation averaged _______per cent during the period
which is the lowest in the last six financial years.
A) 3.7% B) 3.3% C) 3% D) 3.9%

Q43) The Gross Value Added (GVA) at constant basic prices is expected to grow at the rate of _________
per cent in 2017-18
A) 6.25% B) 6.05% C) 6.1% D) 6.75%

Q44) According to the Survey, the Indian logistics industry worth around ______Billion has grown at a
compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.8 per cent during last five years
A) US $ 120 B) US $ 160 C) US $ 180 D) US $ 150

Q45) As India emerges as one of the world‘s largest economics, it needs to gradually move from being a
A) net consumer of knowledge to becoming a net producer. B) Importing Nation to exporting nation
C) Buying technologies to Creating Technologies

Q46 ) The launch of Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) on 2nd October, 2014, the sanitation coverage in rural
India has increased substantially from 39 per cent in 2014 to _______ percent in January, 2018
A) 70% B) 76% C) 75% D) 65%

Q47) The first draft of economic survey is prepared by :

A) Chief Economic Advisor B) Finance Secretary C) Finance Minister D) Dept of Economic Affairs

Q48) which of the following doesn’t belong to the 10 facts pointed by Economic Survey 2017:
A) Formal non agricultural payroll much greater than believed
B) States prosperity positively correlated with their international and inter-state trade:
C) Clothing incentive package boosts exports of readymade garments:
D) Direct tax collections by state/local governments is significantly Higher compared with those of their
counterparts in other federal countries


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