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AIRCRAFT CORPORATION col Wiehita 1, Kansas ARTS CATALOG ax MAINTENANCE HANDBOOK. ioe sy : j “ CULVER MODELS LCA ap LFA | | INTRODUCTION This publication constitutes the illustrated parts cat- alog for the CULVER Models LCA and LFA airplanes with a section on operation and maintenance. We are publishing this for owners of subject models for use in the identification and ordering of replacement parts and in operating and maintaining the airplane. The price per unit is for one part only, as listed, re~ gardless of the number required per plane. Due to con- ditions beyond our control, the prices listed are subject to change without notice. We hope this publication will fill a need in maintain- ing your CULVER. For convenient reference and guidance, we suggest you keep this book in the airplane. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction — Table of Contents. ‘Wing Assembly _. Fuselage Group Windshield and Hatch Assembly. Instrument Panel — Elevator and Aileron System. Rudder and Brake System... Tab Control System Landing Gear Group Power Plant Group Miscellaneous and Equipment Group. — Inspection and Maintenance of Throttle Connection wi Controls on Culver Models LCA and LFA. a Care and Operation of the Retracting Landing Gear on the Culver ‘Models LCA and LFA ._ General Repair Instructions Lubrication Key LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS ig. No. 1—Wing Assembly 2—Fuselage Frame 3—Windshield and Hatch Assembly 4AAnstrument Panels 5—Elevator and Aileron System 6—Rudder and Brake System 7—Tab Control System 8—Landing Gear ... 9—Power Plant Model LCA 10—Power Plant Model LFA 11—Miscellaneous and Equipment Group ._. 12—Model LCA... 13—Model LFA oma 14—Spar Root Inlay Repair Method. 15—Spar Block Repai 16—Wing Sewing 17-—Lubrication Diagram 18—Typical Plywood Skin Repair