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Replay Sorter Project by @PlatypusVGC

How it works:

1. Every contributor uploads all their Showdown replays played on a 1600+ Elo
account and saves all the links in a text file. To create a text file (.txt), you can
use an online text editor such as or follow the following
instructions (Windows / macOs ).

2. Once a contributor saved a sufficient amount of replays, they use the Replay
Sorter app that automatically extracts all the valuable information from each
replay and removes anything sensitive (such as usernames, move sets and EV

For example, this replay becomes this text file once sorted by the program.

Fig.1 : macOS version Fig.2 : Windows version

3. The contributor then uploads the text file given by the replay sorter app into a
Google Sheets.

4. Each Google Sheets from each contributor is then automatically imported into
a central spreadsheet.

5. The central spreadsheet is then used to produce detailed usage stats that
aren’t available on PGL or on

6. The global usage stats are then shared with each contributor.

Fig.3 : Preview of a part of the “Duos Overall Usage Stats” page