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· Has experience in the oil / gas, offshore and is recognized as a specialist in the specific

engineering field of topsides offshore electrical engineering on large to mega projects.

· Prepares and reviews engineering studies, design drawings, documents, and material and
equipment specifications.

· Resolves specialty related engineering issues by applying accepted principles, codes, and

· Must have thorough knowledge of engineering practices and economic principles,

calculation methods, design details, international codes and standards, procedures and

· Perform and/or oversee Electrical Power System Analyses and other applicable studies,
assuring compliance with all applicable codes pertaining to all aspects of electrical systems
and equipment.

· Oversee the work of other Electrical Engineering personnel. Provide direction and
guidance to the Electrical Engineering and Design project teams.

· Prepare man-hour estimates for Electrical Engineering and Design activities.

· Schedule, track, and forecast Electrical Engineering activities.

· Manage man-hour expenditures for Electrical Engineering and Design sections of projects
and proposals.

· Produce required project reporting for Electrical Engineering and Design.

· Develop and maintain schedules and diagrams pertaining to main electrical power and its
direct control systems.

· Develop and maintain electrical power analysis models making all decisions and
recommendations for electrical protection arrangements, devices and sizes/ratings.

· Perform all associated electrical calculations covering, equipment sizing, cable sizing, AC
& DC UPS systems, transformers, lighting, impressed cathodic protection, etc.

· Coordinate Electrical, Instrumentation and Telecoms cable rack inputs into 3D computer
design model, including clash checking and material requirement outputs. (Note E, I & T
groups will be individually responsible for inputting their equipment into any 3D CAD model).
· Prepare requisitions, technical bid evaluations, and supplier document review for all
electrical equipment and materials.

· Perform thorough review of relevant vendor information.

· Provide a timely internal check of drawings produced by other MHDP disciplines.

· Incorporate MHDP procedures and standards into design as applicable