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Pikes Peak Online School Building Leadership Team (BLT) Application for School

Year 18-19
Name: Amanda Bewley

Department: Science

1) Why would you like to be part of the Building Leadership Team?

I would like to be part of the building leadership team because I want to be part of decision
making processes at PPOS. I would like to give a voice to staff from the science department. I
also want to be on the leadership team to help serve students and families.

2) What visions, ideas, and goals would you bring to the BLT to keep PPOS moving in a positive
I envision more PPOS pride among staff, students, and family. I think school pride has been built
through capturing kids hearts and 7 mindsets. I think PPOS is a positive place to work and go to
school. We can continue building school culture by listening to new ideas from staff and
solidifying scheduling and testing processes. Part of moving PPOS in a positive direction involves
offering different opportunities to serve student needs such as the GED program, clubs, and face
to face interaction. I hope to assist in decision making that will best serve everyone at PPOS.

3) What is the role of the BLT?

I believe the role of the BLT is to assist administration in making positive decisions at PPOS. The
BLT should be open-minded and consider various viewpoints to create the best environment for
everyone at PPOS.

4) What are some ways you have served PPOS in the past? Do you have other leadership
experience you would like to share?
I have served PPOS on my PLC. This year I coordinated meetings and created our agendas. We
worked as a team to find the best design for our science courses in order to encourage and
empower students.

I part of the culture club which is brainstorming ideas to create a more positive atmosphere at
PPOS. This year I am co-sponsoring the Live to Give Club. This has been a great way for
students to experience the live to give mindset. It has enabled students to step up as leaders
and share information with the school.

In the past I served on the leadership team at Las Animas Middle School. I worked with a group
of teachers to coordinate MTSS and RTI efforts in the school. We also supported administration
when making school wide decisions regarding PBIS.

5) What unique qualities would make you a valuable addition to the Lead Team?
My unique qualities are I am open-minded and willing to listen to different viewpoints. I am
open to changes at PPOS if they have a positive impact. I have good relationships with staff. I
believe I could help increase open communication between staff, leadership, and

6) What do you believe is going well at PPOS, and what are some areas that could be
I think communication has improved. I believe most conflict can be prevented through open
communication. This year I know more about decisions being made and how it will impact the
school. I think processes like scheduling and state testing could be stream-lined. Those
processes will become more solidified as time goes on because PPOS is such a new school. I
think if teachers knew what to expect it would eliminate anxiety which directly trickles down to
students and families. I would like to be a part of solidifying these processes to serve staff,
students, and families at PPOS.