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Name and titles of the founding company team members: Parth Vora.Name of the proposed company: ECO-FRIENDLY RECYCLERS LTD. Sejal Chaudhari BUSINESS CONCEPT . Deepali Ahuja.

cost-efficient. These processes will produce clean. the value proposition (in terms of benefits gained) for that customer. distribution rights. manufacturing or service business.  It’s a manufacturing business to be launched in an unorganised sector. utilizing environmentally friendly recycling and manufacturing methods. INDUSTRY/MARKET ANALYSIS • Explain the industry that this concept is focusing on as well as whatever trends may exist in that particular industry today. and what the potential growth opportunities. wholesale. recycled raw material for manufacturers of thermoform. laminate and other high value-added products. green zone will apply state-of-the-art recycling and extrusion technology managed by industry specific expertise to create a competitive advantage for its clients. and high strength packaging strapping for shippers of large products and pallets.• Describe whether the proposed concept is retail. copyrights. or franchise agreements. initial operation or expansion) waste plastic materials into commercially viable products. Target customers:  Household women’s. royalties.  We will apply for our product under Trade mark and Patent law.  Major users of plastic packaging. To convert • Include a clear description of the targeted customer. Identifying the current stage of development for the venture(concept stage.  Industries Value Proposition:  In a vertically integrated environment. start-up. licenses.  Students. . thereby reducing costs and creating a clear pricing edge among their competitors. have begun incorporating at least some recycled plastic content in their products as part of the growing interest in recycling. • Summarize any proprietary rights associated with this concept whether that be patents. apparently responding to consumer desires.

The reputation in the specific market segment will result in the achievement of long-term commitments for our production.  Surveys indicate that people are increasingly willing to collect and separate discarded packages. Also include any board of director/advisors that are in place. • Finally. foregoing a degree of convenience to make products more disposable. • Explain the team’s qualification and how the critical tasks are being assigned. as well as the industry knowledge. The guidance was provided by ICPE (Indian Centre for Plastics in the Environment) which is a nodal agency recognizes by the GOI to handle all issues related to plastics and environment in India. and industries are prime targets. This is only concerned about mass market with economical cost.  The founding team members will consist of three members. • Discuss the target market analysis that has been used and what specific market niche that has produced. reputation. with sheet and lumber following. MANAGEMENT TEAM • Identify the founding team members and the key personal in place to guide the proposed company. guidance requirement is very necessary. Moreover.  Household’s women. In addition. population strength will provide a desired volume for the venture. The venture is such that . and even paying a premium for a recycled item. The experience of the management will led to identify unique opportunity and put together the technology and sources to take advantage of it. Packaging is expected to be the largest market segment for recycled plastics. be sure to include a competitor analysis that describes thoroughly the competition existing today and how specially your concept will match up or exceed the competition and why?  Plastics competitive edge rests with its proximity to its target markets. its growth potential. students. identify the market size. and your plan for market penetration based on research.

One of the fastest growing types of collected plastic materials for recycling is Polyethylene Terephthalate ("PET") from post-consumer beverage and water bottles. combined . outline any “gap” in the management team (in terms of skills and abilities) and explain how will be addressed. having MBA degree. One member has previously worked with a wind-mill manufacturing company and others are fresher. and pelleting. crushing.  There will be a huge gap at initial level as most of the members are fresher and thus PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT ANALYSIS • Provide a detailed description of the proposed concept including any unique features that make it distinctive. grinding. All three members are having management background. The whole organization will drive on two attributes that is management knowledge and latest technology. Parth will handle operating and marketing activities while Deepali will be focusing on whole financial part and Sejal will be taking care of HR activities This dissemination of work is only until we reach to the break even. collecting plastics and wastes. Operations will be divided in certain critical tasks like. Ozone Plastics will  The growing utilization of plastics in industrial and consumer applications. 20% of the staff consists of skilled labours. with increased consumer awareness surrounding solid waste recycling. has led to an increased demand for recycled plastic resins and products. separation. • Finally.

FINANCIAL ANALYSIS • BASED ON ASSUMPTIONS and APPROXIMATIONS Raw Material 15.18/per Kg Total cost 15. 70.  Its just a concept stage for developing this product. The idea came into mind in • Finally identify any anticipated critical risks in terms of potential product liability. regulations or raw material issues that may hinder this project progress. September and industry and trend analysis will be done. Order for assets like grinding machines etc will be placed in December end.  Govt. is supporting this concept and thus no obstacles.000 kg *Rs18/kg = 2. • Explain the current status of the project with a clear timeline of key tasks to complete.capitalize on the opportunities in the recycled resin and packaging markets through two main divisions: a Recycling Division and a Packaging Division. govt.000 Utilities .000 kg/PM Rs. Research will be carried out in November and december will be dedicated to cost estimation and survey based best location.

11.000 18.39.000 1.000 89320 Rs/unit Sales /m Total Amount(Rs) 8 10 40 15 1.50.000 15.800 58.[Power] = 6000 units @ Rs 5 Total Cost = Rs.000 No of employees Salary /pm Total =84240 per month Sales Generation. 30.000 18.500 12.20.Per Month S.645 13.00.000 12.000 45.39.500 3750 7.240 26.443 Total Total units 1.000 26.000 1.800 1 2 3 4 Plastic flowers Fans Vask Plastic Bags .50.000 Human capital Particular Material Handler(26 days) Women Men Machine Operator Designer (26 days) Accountant Security 3 10 3 5 1 1 Product description No units/m 12.000 1.000 3.

40.000 25.Working Capital Particulars Raw material Power 6000 units Cash in hand Wages Others Total Amount 2.000 25.8192 sqr ft * 92.00.000 30.000 3.000 60.77 /sqr ft Building ( shed and office) Furniture Machinery 1] Washing machine 2] Zatak machine 3]Casting machine 4]Aglow machine 5]Dana machine 6]design machine &packing instruments Total Amount (Rs) 7.000 6.000 Fixed Assets 80.60.000 7.000 per month Particulars Land .000 3.000 60.00.240 21760 3.00.000 84.10.000 .40.000 26.

40.00.000 26.00.000 1.000 Total 31.10.000 .Total start of required Amount Particulars Working Capital Fixed Assets Start up Expenses Investment Amount(Rs) 3.000 50.