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Audio anexo


En la segunda parte de esta actividad, usted debe graficar y explicar el proceso de

diseño usando un ejemplo de la vida real y considerando los pasos que se
indicaron en el objeto de estudio, así como el ejemplo correspondiente.

Generation of ideas
Formulation of specifications
Perception of the need
One of the possible solutions to meet
Photovoltaic energy in Colombia is one
the needs of a sustainable and durable
Change the electric power that of the markets that calls the interest of
energy is through the entities of the
comes from our rivers for companies and households as an
same state as private, cooperate for
sustainable and sustainable efficient solution for energy savings.
the implementation and conservation
energy. And conservation of our environment
of the environment and work together
in Colombia.
for the implementation of solar panels.

Evaluation of the solution

Final Solution

If it meets the requirements and is a global issue on

Let us all commit ourselves if we truly want
the conservation of our environment, many countries
to change the course of our planet, in this
are already opting to change what was previously
way avoid global warming and natural
contaminated by sustainable and durable energy,
disasters that are caused by the
windmills, solar panels, we should enjoy our variety
mismanagement that man gives to our
of climates in our country and thus contribute to our