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Philosophy of education

My personal goal for my future classroom is to improve the problem solving skills on the

students. I want students to cooperate and depend on their self during the class time. In addition,

students in this age should learn how to solve the problem that may face them. To develop the

problem solving skills on students must asking children questions such as, “How would

you…?” or “Show me how you could…?” try to give students interesting topic or objects

that may solve it and involve. The impact of problem solving skills is students grow by

using their thinking and creativity to answer the problems.

In my classroom, I want students to depend on their self and improve these skills on the

class. For example, if I gave them a hard or math practice during the class they will try as

much they can to solve it or cooperate in groups. Then, they ask me if there is no solution

or feel confuse about it.

As a future educator, I have to do my best and let students to explore around them for the

answers. The teacher has the main role to let students work on their self without depending

on others. Especially, for kindergarten students it has to be establishing from early years of

their school life.

Amal Yousef Karam