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Leslie Bruce

University Hall room 435

800 N. State College Boulevard

Fullerton, CA 92831

Hello Dr. Bruce,

The purpose of this course was to improve my writing skills in the scientific genres. You have
provided your students with six student learning outcomes (SLOs) at the beginning of the semester as
well as assignments and activities to ensure the development of their writing skills. Throughout the
semester, I have utilized and exercised my knowledge of the SLOs by incorporating the different
concepts into each assignment. In this portfolio, I present to you two assignments that I believe best
demonstrates my ability meet and surpass the six SLOs.

The first assignment included in this portfolio is my revised definition for Mendelian Genetics.
My definition was written with the assumption that the reader is still developing their understanding of
genetics so I chose to write and revise my definition in a straightforward yet effective style that included
one-sentence definitions for keywords necessary to explaining Mendelian Genetics and three figures to
assist with the explanation of the text which satisfies my awareness of rhetorical focus (SLO 1). To
validate my explanations of the definition and its associated concepts and laws, I have cited multiple
sources including a genetics textbook, a biography on Mendel and his work, and two research articles
obtained from CSUF’s online databases (SLO 2). Since there are several concepts that make up the
definition of Mendelian Genetics, I chose to organize it by incorporating headings so that the reader
could differentiate as well integrate the different concepts (SLO 4). Lastly, I wrote this assignment with
the clear objective to only inform the reader. My language and design of the text was written to be
exclusively informative and I do not mention any potential biases toward gender or cultural differences
(SLO 5). My revisions include the further addition of one-sentence definitions, in-text references to
figures, and fixing grammatical errors.

The second assignment I chose to include is my definition rubric for my peer’s definition
assignment. In this assignment I analyze my peer’s definition and determine if each SLO is met which
informs the author what areas they need to work on. The feedback I provide is organized by each SLO
where I state the reason for improvement and suggest the incorporation of various writing techniques
including one-sentence definitions, figure captions, and in-text citations. By providing feedback, I intend
to persuade my peer why they should include my suggestions and why it will help them with the
understanding of the respective SLO (SLO 3 & 6).

The inclusion of these two assignments in my portfolio shows my ability to recognize,

understand, and incorporate the six SLOs that you have expected your students to master by the end of
the semester. My recognition and understanding of the SLOs were utilized writing and revising my own
definition and when reading my peer’s definition. My incorporation of the SLO’s was utilized when
revising both my definition and my peer’s. I believe I have proved my thorough understanding of the six
student learning outcomes.


Enzo Gaite