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Amal Yousef Karam


Professional Duties
 Break time:

I did several duties during this practice days one of them is the break time duty with students. It

was from 9:15 to 10:00am in the playground. Actually, they have two breaks between classes

and this is first break starts after second period. I helped the MST to manage students while they

are doing a line for leaving the classroom to playground. In addition, when I have a lesson in the

second period I used this strategy to prepare for break time, is to let students clean up from the

activities and do my assessment for the lesson then ask the girls to bring their lunch box or foods

they brought with them. After the girls, I asked the boys to collect their stuff and make two lines.

Then, I lead them to the playground and let them to eat first on the carpet and play after they

finish. After 40minutes I ask students to collect their stuff and make two line as we came to the

playground for going back to the classroom.

Amal Yousef Karam

 Morning assembly:
This duty starts in the morning after students come from their homes. It starts from 7:30 till

7:45am after the students comes from buses and cars to the class. Each assistant bring the

students who were with her in the bus to classes and the car students enter to the classes with

their families. When it shows nearly to the morning assembly time I asked the students to make

two line of boys and girls. Then, take them into the playground for the assembly. In the assembly

each teacher stand in front of her students to do the actions and students can do as what she is

doing. In the assembly, they turn on songs that motivate students to do some exercises. In

addition, they salute the UAE flag in the morning. After that, they start to talk about the topic for

example, recycling or healthy day. Then, each class move to their classes.
Amal Yousef Karam

 Emirati child’s Day:

This duty was in our last day in the practice days. It was in the morning assembly, the students

were wearing Emirati clothes and they were different activities in the morning assembly. Like:

turn on some emirate songs, brought emirate foods from their houses, dance the emirate style. In

addition, they draw on the student’s faces the UAE flag and wearing the emirate golds.
Amal Yousef Karam

 Sitting extra time in the school:

In this duty, they were have some visitor from the Ministry of education so the students have to

sit till 2:30pm in school. I sit with them and turn on the wolf and seven ships, frozen cartoons for

students. Because they were have time and the periods of lessons is over. So, I sit with students

and listen to them till the bus time and families comes to take their children.