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Curriculum Vitae

H#284A OPF housing society Cell: 0320-8585657

khayaban e Jinnah , Lahore..

Junaid Hassan
To take challenges of project designing and implementing, and to work with a high
profile professionals in a team structured environment.

Date of birth: 26-05-1991
NIC: 54401-9055127-7
Nationality: Pakistani


Electrical BUITEMS
Engineering 1st Division Percentage: 72%

D.A.E K.R.L Institute of Technology Kahuta.

(Electrical) Marks: 2682/3550 Percentage: 75.6%

Matriculation Dar E Arqam School of Islam & modern Sciences.

Marks: 587/850 Percentage: 69%


Final Year Solar Thermal Power Generation Using Parabolic Trough

Semester Different Semester Projects are:
Projects  Designed Variable DC power supply
 Half adder and full adder project
 LDR based Night Switch
 Fire detecting project
 Designed water level Detector
 Designed digital clock
 FM Transmitter
 Protection of appliance using fuses


Employer Inspectest (Private) Ltd.

Designation Asst. Engineer (Instrumentation/Calibration)
Period May 2017- To date
Served Inspectest (Private) Limited, a local company having multinational standards, dealing with all
kinds of inspections and calibrations in the capacity of Asst. Engineer (Instrumentation/Calibration) at
their Central Calibration Laboratory.

• To inspect and rectify the instruments/equipment, received in Laboratory from different clients, in
accordance with relevant International Standards, by conducting their calibrations by using the following
Standard Instruments:

1. Standard Multimeter Fluke 8846, Fluke 9100

2. Standard Process Calibrator Fluke 753, BEAMAX MC100, MC6
3. Standard Dead Weight Tester 580
4. Standard Temperature Calibrator AMETEK, FLUKE, BEAMAX
5. Smart Field Communicator (Honeywell)
6. Vibration Simulator (TK-3)
7. Torque Transducer (NORBAR)
8. Ultrasonic flow meter (GE sense)
9. PSV Test Bench (Ventil)

Calibration & Testing Lab Experience

In our calibration and testing lab I am responsible to calibrate almost all kind of Dimensional, Torque,
Pressure, Electrical, analytical and Temperature measuring and monitoring devices. In uncertainty
manners we are working on ISO/IEC/17025 to control three parameters (Pressure, Temperature &

 Attended the Shutdown of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (Hala) and performed the calibration,
troubleshooting of PSVs & CVs & maintenance.

 Performed calibration & testing job at DPS (Rousch Power Plant).

 Performed calibration & testing job at Balloki Power Plant.

 Performed weighting bridge calibration at Bhikki power Plant.

 Performed Calibration & Testing of Pressure gauges at Weatherford.

 Performed Calibration & Testing of Temperature gauges at Weatherford.

I have sufficient working experience on following equipment

 Control Valves : On/Off Valves

 Control Valves : Sliding stem valves
 Multimeter
 Weather station
 High Voltage tester
 Earth Resistance tester
 Insulation tester
 PH Meter
 Conductivity Meter
 Clamp meter
 Process Calibrator
 R.T.D
 Thermocouple
 Weighting Bridge calibration
 Flow Transmitter
 Pressure Transmitter
 Oscilloscope
 Function Generator
 Power supply
 Source Meter

Lifting Department Experience

In lifting department I have performed various inspection at different plants & Industries which are
mentioned below
 Shackles inspection
 Truck mounted Cranes inspection
 Polyester webbing slings inspection
 Wire robe slings
 Chain blocks
 Body Harnesses
 Lifting Chains

Mentioned Lifting inspections Performed Areas

 Allied rental services
 Saif Power Plant
 PPL RIG (Kharan X1)
 Inspectest(Descon)
 Pepsico
 Lahore Manufacturing Works(LMW)

Technical Skills  Good understanding of Electrical Drawings, Planning of Projects

 Both practical as well as theoretical knowledge of Different Electrical
instruments & Devices
 Working more effectively and productively so that maximum output
 Multi-tasking

Software’s  Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, Mat lab (beginner)

Languages  English
 Urdu
 Punjabi


 Cricket, football, table tennis, badminton, weightlifting, Travelling, Internet Browsing


 Furnished Upon Request