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Get more mileage out of old content. THE SIMPLE CONTENT AUDIT Review existing content for best value, identify key performers, and revive those posts that are still valuable to your communities. Here's what to look for and what to do: OLD BUT STILL RELEVANT CONTENT Look for ways to repurpose this tere (eran Xela al-Le MaKe) an infographic, a content will improve podcast, animation Ciena Ma) or an explainer video? search ranking. aL ae — an ate totg faethe a Cod RELEVANT BUT POOR PERFORMANCE Teele Tran cl) short? Add copy. BGT ee a Mehl) dt oe eT erlang (over 500 words) igi laut y-ray Penny year shorter posts.* ON CR acai elt New data and/or an industry expert's 1 ola medal can revive the piece. ae CS Tae el your home-page, eve C) ry Repurpose Pu emahs-ila Cae Ta infographic, animation, and ae a podcast or video. Cae OUTDATED AND tes y Check for traffic. Look to see if any web traffic is generated by waese its existence. Set up redirects. Check to see if there elie Taare molt alee Mg ol tLe Colle Mag teMat a esto fold Taree aa ee aa ast pets