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SHJWC Lesson Reflection (Completed after EVERY lesson taught)

Lesson Writing – why we eat Your name Mitha

healthy food
MST Saara School Australia
MCT Liz International School
Class 1 Date 13-3-2018

Discuss one aspect that YOU feel you did very well with your teaching and
one aspect that went
well with children’s learning. Try to analyze why you think it worked well and
what hints you
would share with other teachers about the successful strategy/resources
/activity management style etc. Then one aspect that YOU feel could be
better about your teaching and one aspect that could be
better about children’s learning. Show these two aspects
in the next lesson plan (next steps)

Lesson Plan Reflection

My teaching Children’s learning (use

of LO)

WWW What Went Students were shear their Students was so exciting to give
information their information
All resources were ready

EBI Even Better If.. I give the first instruction Students will understand each
and send them to the tables infraction and how its work
and complete that with the Student works will be more

Next Steps (identify If I have one activity for all Students will understand the
students with more than steps and they will work better
which lesson this will
one instruction I have to say by follow it
be seen in ) the first instruction and
send them to do, then I let
them back to give them the
second instruction