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Lesson Reflection (Completed after EVERY lesson taught)

Lesson CVC-English Your name Mitha

MST Saara School Australia
MCT Liz International School
Class 1-c Date 18-3-2018

Discuss one aspect that YOU feel you did very well with your teaching and
one aspect that went
well with children’s learning. Try to analyze why you think it worked well and
what hints you
would share with other teachers about the successful strategy/resources
/activity management style etc. Then one aspect that YOU feel could be
better about your teaching and one aspect that could be
better about children’s learning. Show these two aspects
in the next lesson plan (next steps)

Lesson Plan Reflection

My teaching Children’s learning (use

of LO)

WWW What Went  Finding words in  Students was exciting to

well play ground collect more words
 Student cooperation  Students feel better to
together work together
EBI Even Better If..  Students will be able to
 I did classroom listen and understand
management  It will show the
 I did another activity students skills
better than
discussing words
Next Steps (identify  I will put more  Students will
which lesson this will activities understand in different
 I will work in ways
be seen in ) classroom  Classroom and students
management will be more organizing