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Hi Jase, finally I'm trying to answer your questions.

I hope I haven't done too

many mistakes.

1)I started with the guitar when I was 11 and, almost casually, I started with the
piano the year after. Yes, I was attracted by music even before.

2) Too kind as always, I don't think I'm such a good player, lot of people are
technically more skilled, and since my graduation I choosed to almost only focusing
on composition.

3) I've already been interviewed on some local papers.

4) I think it's a crucial question. Recently my playing (in "Layout", for example)
is (hope so) very spontaneous, and, especially when I'm playing live, I try
focusing on the new meanings that the moment I'm playing is giving to the music,
because I think this should be the sense of a live performance, avoiding trying to
do too much, or what should be done in theory. And, in general, I try to, in a
certain sense, "being played by music"; of course, this is the corollary of
enjoying what we're playing.