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What meaning did the preaching of Sandanski have? Descending from Pirin Macedonia (today
Bulgaria), he belonged to the so-called slavophone Macedonians. But he had lots of great education
and leadership skills and without anything else, will, determination, courage and fight for his struggle.
He preached that as the Greek nation and the Serb and Bulgarian freed itself from Turkish slavery, it
was time to also free the "Macedonian nation" and become a fully independent state. He preached
that all citizens of Macedonia, absolutely all, are neither Bulgarians nor Greeks, nor Vlachs, even if
some like him speak Macedonian, some Greek or Vlach, which is a mix of Latin, Greek and Turkish,
but all residents of Macedonia are only Macedonians, original descendants of the ancient
Macedonians, of Philip and Alexander, whom were also not Greeks, but a separate Macedonian nation
and even fought against the Greeks and won.