Attack against Muslim group part of a disturbing trend of recent Right-Wing campaign of Islamophobia Burbank, CA – September 21, 2010 - The CAIR-CA PAC today condemned a recent blog post by the Republican Jewish Committee (RJC) smearing Democratic Congressional Candidate Bill Hedrick (CA-44) for accepting a campaign contribution from the PAC. ( The blog post in question is rife with inaccuracies and falsehoods about both CAIR-CA PAC and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). The CAIR-CA PAC is the nation’s largest political action committee representing the interests of the American Muslim community and is a completely independent entity from CAIR. The CAIR-CA PAC works with all political parties, including Democrats and Republicans, to promote the preservation of civil liberties, equal access to healthcare and immigration reform – issues of importance to all Americans. The CAIR-CA PAC has an unblemished record and has never been accused of wrongdoing by any law enforcement body. “What is extremely troubling is that by attempting to discredit Congressional hopeful Hedrick for his affiliation with Muslim groups, the RJC is attempting to stifle the right of AmericanMuslims to participate fully in the political process,” said Todd Gallinger, President of the CAIR-CA PAC, “American-Muslims should enjoy the same unassailable rights as all other Americans. When Congressional candidates are maligned and their judgment called into question because they accept contributions from completely legitimate Muslim groups, the implication is that any Muslim donor is essentially a campaign liability. Attempting to paint financial contributions by Muslim groups as inherently suspect is a shameful and divisive tactic and an attempt to alienate a large portion of the American voting bloc.” While CAIR-CA PAC and CAIR are separate organizations, CAIR is among the nation’s largest and most visible Muslim advocacy organizations. It has earned tremendous respect in California and across the country from many leaders in government, law enforcement, interfaith and various civil rights organizations. Additionally, CAIR has never been charged with any crime. Any attempt by the RJC to link CAIR or the CAIR-CA PAC with terrorism is a dishonest, immoral and defamatory attack on the American Muslim community. This recent attack is part of a disturbing trend in anti-Muslim rhetoric and sentiment across the nation. In recent weeks, American Muslims have seen their constitutional rights of freedom of worship called into question by widespread opposition to the construction of Park 51 and a dozen other mosques across the country. In one such incident, Tea Party activists brought dogs with them to protest a mosque in Temecula, California. Other hateful acts have included: the desecration and vandalism of mosques nationwide, a taxicab driver in New York City viciously

slashed because he answered yes to the question “Are you a Muslim”, and the plans of several groups to hold a “Burn the Quran” day. Unfortunately, the RJC’s attack on Hedrick, the CAIR-CA PAC and CAIR gives credence to the prevailing atmosphere of anti-Muslim hysteria. Due to these continuing attacks, American Muslims find that while they are an essential part of the fabric of American society, they must still strive for recognition of their contributions to that tapestry. That this divisive and defamatory tactic should come from the RJC is all the more troubling given that it is no different than similar efforts by some groups in the 20th century to isolate and marginalize different groups including Jewish Americans. “We call on Republican and Jewish leaders to condemn and reject the RJC’s anti-Muslim bigotry and engage in steps to unite our country’s citizens rather than divide them,” said Gallinger. Media Contact: Dan Chmielewski Madison Alexander PR 19 Wedgewood Irvine, CA 92620 P: (714) 832-8716 F: (714) 832-8916

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