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Haramaya University

Haramaya Institute of Technology

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Course Title: Introduction to Control systems
Course Code: ECEg3153
III Year, II Sem
Course Outline
Name of Instructor: Dr. Mohammad Firoz Alam Khan
Chapter 1: Introduction to Control System Chapter 5: Stability Analysis of control system
 Basic components of Control system  Definition of system stability
 Classification of control system  Absolute and Relative stability
 Transfer function of control systems  Method for stability Analysis
 Laplace transform Chapter 6: Root Locus analysis
 Block diagrams algebra  Introduction to Root Locus
 Signal flow graphs  Rules for construction of Root Locus
Chapter 2: Mathematical Modeling of Physical system  Constructing Root Locus
 Electrical System Chapter 7: Frequency domain analysis
 Mechanical system  Frequency response
 Analogous System  Frequency domain specification
Chapter 3: Feedback Control system Character  Bode plot
 Transfer function of feedback control system  Polar plot
 Feedback controllers characteristics  Nyquisit plot
 Reduction in overall system gain Chapter 8. Control Systems design
 Reduction in Sensitivity of control system  Introduction to Classical control systems
Chapter 4: Time Domain Analysis of Control Systems design
 Input / some standard test signal  Design Specification Control system
 Time response of 1st order system  Root locus methodPhase-lead compensation
 Time response of 2nd order system  Phase-lag compensation Lead- Lag
 Steady state error compensation
 Frequency Response method
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