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NAME - Ravesh Kumar S/O Veersi Mal

Roll No - 2K15-IR-63
Subject - Peace Studies
Human Nature and CONFLICT

hether human beings are good or bad in the
primary natural state is a question that has been
roaming in the minds of even the greatest
scholars. History has always been evidence from religion to
science that human nature is greedy, egoistic, aggressive and
materialistic, so in whole nature is surrounded by conflict.
Conflicts are inevitable in human life and existence, No
doubt conflicts are also necessary for change in human society
as well.
To go forward, we must go back, Imagine a time before life.
Imagine there were rocks , wind, and rain only. Does it make
any sense to talk about “good” and “evil”? Obviously not.
Tracing the human history, In the religious point of view,
specifically in Islamic perspective. Hazrat Adam's son which is
considered first person who landed on earth named Cain killed
Abel, No doubt it was a murder, caused by anger, jealousy,
pride and greed. Likewise anger, competition, revenge falls in
the category of humans nature, and these essences ultimately
lead to the conflict.
Human nature means the essence of being human. It is the
special and unique characteristics which humans possess and
distinguish them from other living beings.
Conflict is a innate product in human mind. Conflict is a sign.
Conflict is a disease as well, and it often happens when society
is sick. And the cause of this sickness is human greed, ego,
aggression, and violent nature. We look at wars and fights,
but we don’t look at what and who caused it. Looking at the
human history, the main reasons behind wars were greed and
desire, which incite them to go for war and battle. These greed
were not only for resources like (land, power, minerals, water,
wealth, etc.) but to expand power. Some people says that rising
disparity in male and female is the ultimate and absolute cause
of conflict. Like gender difference. When people have
differences means they have conflict. Doubtlessly conflict be a
danger on larger scale

But as far as I am concerned, humans fight for their rights and

needs as well. Money is the essential thing to survive in this
gigantic planet, those who have money have everything like
power, they even do not need to strive for survival for security
as well.
According to Dr Alexander Mosely, There are three categories
which is causation of particular conflict in society called WAR.
1- Biological 2-Cultural 3-Moral

 Ethnical differences unavoidably cause prejudice.

 Ethnical pride can cause political and social conflict, like
rise of nationalism in Europe specifically in Germany.


 People act according to the set of values shared within

their social culture. When gaining is shared goal than
these values can incite aggression.
 Some political ideals do not aim to be aggressive, but
can pose risk on large scale like communism and


 Enemies and victims in war is often subject to moral

exclusion likewise, the prosecution of Jews in World
War 2 was an example of dehumanization.
1- Clash of thoughts. Internationally, Communism and
Capitalism remained historical example, between America
and USSR, but on low level we can find between two people,
If 2 people want one thing eventually it will create problem.
2- Competition Hugely contributing factor in conflict, from 2
people to 2 countries, two people look for power they do
struggle for acquiring power and wealth, ultimately it will
create a room for competition and competition will be the
reason for fights and conflicts, As far as countries are
concerned , likewise Pakistan and India are looking for
power in terms of competition for security purposes and
jealousy factor, in the history World Wars caused by the
competition in arms, and territory expansion and acquiring,
arms race started. and later it contributed huge violations
and deaths of millions of people just because of competition
for remaining powerful.
3- Lack of Education Uneducated mind will create
uneducated society and environment. People with education
is like people with eyes. Without having proper
understanding and lacking education will automatically lead
to violence like Africa and North Korea not having proper
education to understand.
4- Patience and tolerance Patience and tolerance are
psychological reasons, in International Relations, Tolerance
is always been a challenge, whether it should be on
individual level or whole nation, it’s not easy to bear the
actions of other in the systems.
5- Low and high difference in people
Class based society will frame the mistrust in whole nation,
rich is getting richer and poor is getting poor so called the
product of globalization is cause of conflict now a days, like
western and eastern world, now they have been facing
challenges from terror groups as well who are feeling low
class status and now they have become threat for the world
6- Incomplete desires People without desire is bird without
wings. Every single human are designed to desire naturally,
likewise people having innate desire of eating, power,
hunger, status, for employment, work, marriage, sex, food,
joy, shelter, land.)
7- Unfulfilled duties People are at high ranked and
selected by civilians to for service purpose and in the he
denies for the service and even he does act he is not on

8- Distribution of Resources
From low level to high, Asia is having 70 percent of
population is given 30 of resources and, Other countries
having 30 percent of population and given 70 % of wealth is
not a joke but wrongly distributed, on country level, Pakistan
is full of resources but the wrong division has created
mistrust in people, like in Balochistan who shares gas to
entire country and consequently they are not given gas for

9- Injustice and rule ot law

People who have not been given justice by the rule of law
will become rebel and rebels have always played role in
dismantling the system of a country and well as international
system, like New phenomenon of terrorism is also caused
by injustice, Muslim countries are not given perfect attention
in international arena so that way they are threatening the
westerns who have created gapes.

10- Inequality ( race and gender)

Inequality in the cause of social disease which has been

disturbing the system till now, likewise racism, gender
inequality, in male dominant society , male are free the rule
on females and where womens are bound to accept the
man's power and violence, where violence is outcome of
male dominant society.
11-Violation Human Rights
No doubt people are born free but bounded in chain
People have certain fundamental rights like food, shelter,
sex, water, land, respect, education, employment. If they are
snatched and will create the disability in society and peace
will not preserve there where human rights violation become
permanent, which society can't move toward development
and peace as well.