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Harley 1

MaKayln Harley

Dr. Ellis

Engl 1302.105

26 April 2018

Reflection Paper

I had the wonderful opportunity to complete my teacher observation assignment at the

North Lamar Independent School District in Paris, Texas. I observed 11th and 12th grade, under

the supervision of Mrs. Carolyn Hiller. Mrs. Hiller teaches 12th grade Algebra 2 and 11th grade

Pre-AP Algebra 2. I was assigned to complete 16 observation hours in Mrs. Hiller’s classroom

over the course of three days or more.

On the first day of my observation experience, Mrs. Hiller had 12th graders that were all

in Algebra 2. The lesson that she had prepared was (8-2) Study Guide over Adding and

Subtracting Rational Expressions, which she taught in both first and second period. On the

second day of observation, Mrs. Hiller had that same group of students that were all seniors in

Algebra 2. That day the lesson she had planned was (8-3) Study Guide over Graphing Reciprocal

Functions and (8-4) Study Guide over Graphing Rational Functions, which she taught in first,

second, and third period. On the third day of observation, Mrs. Hiller had 11th grade Pre-AP

Algebra 2 students. The lesson that she had prepared was (8-5) Study Guide over Variation

Functions and (8-6) Study Guide over Solving Rational Equations/Inequalities, which she taught

in first, second, and third period. Over the course of her lessons, she always taught from

worksheets, and never used the textbook or had her students use a textbook.

The lessons that I learned from this experience as a future teacher is that as a teacher, you

have a duty to monitor the students at all times. I have also learned that students can get lost in
Harley 2

the process of taking notes and lose focus of the understanding of a problem. One of the main

issues that I realized was that students start to lose interest in the lessons quickly, so when they

get sidetracked it is important to remind them to stay focused. Mrs. Hiller also stated that she

takes role at the beginning of every class and then prints the sheet out to keep in her records for

future reference, which I thought was a great idea. She also taught me that a good teacher does

not stay behind her desk all the time, and is walking around the room monitoring students and

assisting them whenever need be.

What I liked about North Lamar ISD is that in between first period and second period,

there is a 35-minute time frame which is called Academic’s First. In Academic’s First, students

are to report to their homerooms and during this time, students are allowed to get help with their

work and make-up any missed assignments. Teachers also use this time to grade papers and put

grades in the gradebook, especially if it is the end of the six weeks.

The lessons that I will implement in my future classroom will be to make sure to the best

of my ability that all students understand the assignments before moving on to something else. I

would also like to keep students involved in the learning process by having them help solve

problems as a class. I realized that students do not like to speak up in class when asked to answer

questions, so I would like to do activities in my future classroom that will get students involved

in discussions with solving problems. I would also like to make sure that my students have

multiple opportunities to improve grades. Another helpful tool that I would like to have in my

classroom is a separate whiteboard that has a large calendar on it, that way students have a visual

reminder of posted assignments and activities. Mrs. Hiller also introduced me to a website that

has lesson plans on it that can be very helpful, which is called Teachers Pay Teachers, that I

would like to implement in my future classroom. The final lesson that Mrs. Hiller taught me was
Harley 3

to always be prepared in advance with assignments if you were going to be absent, and to never

doubt myself.

The overall experience that I had with North Lamar ISD was a good one. The staff was

very encouraging and friendly. The best time that I had was when I got the opportunity to eat

lunch with other teachers in the teacher’s lounge. They all expressed that North Lamar needed

good teachers and that I should hurry up and get my degree so I could come and teach there with

them. In high school, I seen my teachers as an authority figure that was to be respected but I

never took the chance to take a step back and see them as real humans. During this process, it

shed new light on teachers for me, and helped me to see them as caring and funny human beings

that have their own lives outside of work. I have gained a new perspective on teachers during this

experience and I am happy to say that it is still my passion to become a teacher in the future.