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To whom may it concern,

The Department of General Surgery

Let me start off by introduce myself. My name is Annisa Aulia Fitri. I’m a 22-
year-old medical student in my senior year in Universitas Islam Negeri Jakarta,
Indonesia. I currently attending my last year of clinical clerkship in Fatmawati Hospital,
in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am writing this to express my interest in applying for a
professional exchange program period (one month – March 2015) at the General
Surgery department of your hospital. It has always been a great desire of mine to obtain
medical experience in this fascinating area. I also would humbly like to state I am an
active student and an active member of student organization.
I am motivated to join IFMSA’s exchange programe since day-one I joined this
organization (Center of Indonesian Medical Students’ Activities), I’m so glad that I got
the chance to go to Germany for an exchange programe. I hope, by joining this
programe, I will learn more experience, not only about the medical things, but learn
how to fit in and respect the culture of other people’s country. I never been there, but i
know i’ll love your country, Germany.
Since 2010, I have been a medical student and in these year I engrossed my
theoretical skills at anatomy, pathology clinic, pathology anatomy, parasitology,
microbilogy, farmacology, physiology and biochemistry. I learned how to perform a full
clinical history, a complete physical examination and skill lab. I also able to study
Microbiology, Clinical Pathology, Anatomy, General Pharmacology, General
Pathological Anatomy, Radiology, Musculoskeletal, Cardiovascular System, Respiratory
System, Gastrointestinal System, Urogenital System, Endocrine, Neurobehavior,
Reproductive and Growth Development, Hematology, Oncology, Tropical Medicine,
Skin and Special Senses, Histology, and Immunology.
In my fourth year I became a clinical student, and since then I have been
learning theoretical matters and also honing practical skills in Fatmawati Hospital,
Jakarta, Indonesia such as being assigned to many different hospital deparments
including Aenesthesiology, Forensic, Ophtalmology, Surgery, Psychiatry, Internal
Medicine, Cardiology, Pneumology, Gastroenterology, Neurology and
I want to expand my knowledge from variety cases other countries, it’s a great
oppurtunity to improve communication skill with patient not only diagnose and treating
patient but also how to manage patient holistically. I hope to being given to help in
history taking, physical examination and scrubbed in some medical procedures. It would
also allow me to get in touch with a foreign hospital and thus be able to compare
different realities and medical practices, an experience that I haven't been able to have
thus far.
Finally, i would say thank you for the chance given to me to write this letter
about my point of view for an exchange programe. And i apologize if there is any errors
in the letter. I hope this letter do not offend in any way possible.

Annisa Aulia Fitri