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Non-State Actors in
Education in the Global
Edited by Prachi Srivastava, University of Western
Ontario, Canada, and Geoffrey Walford,
University of Oxford, UK
Fueled by social equity concerns, there have been vigorous debates on
the appropriateness of certain non-state actors, particularly those with
commercial and entrepreneurial motives, to meet universal education
goals. There are further questions on the relative effectiveness of
government and private schooling in delivering good learning
outcomes for all. The chapters in this volume present new empirical
March 2018: 144pp evidence and conduct critical analysis on these questions.
Hb: 978-1-138-57067-2 | $140.00
This book was originally published as a special issue of the Oxford
Review of Education.
Introduction. Non-state actors in education in the Global South
Prachi Srivastava and Geoffrey Walford
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1. Does private schooling narrow wealth inequalities in learning
outcomes?Evidence from East Africa
Benjamin Alcott and Pauline Rose Hb: 978-1-138-57067-2 | $112.00
2. Is there a private schooling market in poor neighbourhoods in * Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount and only applies to
Maputo, Mozambique? Exploring the role of the non-state education books purchased directly via our website.
Joanna Härmä
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3. ‘Affordable’ private schools in South Africa. Affordable for whom?
Sonia Languille
4. How are private school enrolment patterns changing across Indian
districts with a growth in private school availability?
Amita Chudgar and Benjamin Creed

5. The myth of free and barrier-free access: India’s Right to

Education Act—private schooling costs and household experiences
Prachi Srivastava and Claire Noronha

6. Extending access to low-cost private schools through vouchers:

an alternative interpretation of a two-stage ‘School Choice’
experiment in India
James Tooley

7. Non-state actors, and the advance of frontier higher education

markets in the global south
Susan L. Robertson and Janja Komljenovic

8. Towards a human rights framework to advance the debate on the

role of private actors in education
Sylvain Aubry and Delphine Dorsi

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