Chinese BuilderCards
The Lightning Path to Mastering Vocabulary
By Song Jiang, Haidan Wang Much more than a set of flashcards, the BuilderCards have a unique design that helps you build your Chinese vocabulary by understanding how groups of words are related.
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Learn headwords and associated words in a carefully designed sequence Cards include part of speech, English definition, pinyin, radicals, and stroke number Features 768 frequently used headwords and over 2,000 associated words Perfect for preparing for the HSK, SAT II Chinese, AP Chinese, and other proficiency tests

2004-2010, 7.5 a 5 x 2 boxed set Simp Trad Integrated Chinese, Simp and Trad NEW 9780887274343 9780887274268 9780887276972 $52.95 $52.95 $39.95

BuilderCards for Level 1 of the bestselling Chinese textbook series, Integrated Chinese, are now available!

Let’s Play Games in Chinese
By Tao-chung Yao, Scott McGinnis Make Chinese language learning fun! Let’s Play Games in Chinese enables students to become more comfortable and confident as they reinforce their Chinese language skills.
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Features dozens of games, from Simon Says to Connecting the Dragons Integrates the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing Activities labeled by proficiency level, group size, and supplies needed

2002, 6 x 9, B/W illustrations, 164pp. Pbk 9780887273605 $25.95


Success with Chinese
A Communicative Approach for Beginners
By De-an Wu Swihart, Irene Liu, Judy Z. Mu, Cong Meng Success with Chinese coordinates oral and written skills separately as you learn Chinese, using daily experiences as practical opportunities for mastering the basics and working with your strengths as an English speaker.
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Two-part structure allows for flexibility and more effective learning Each level is split into Listening & Speaking and Reading & Writing Listening & Speaking accompanied by two audio CDs

2005-2007, 7 x 10, B/W photos Level 1 Listening & Speaking, Pbk w/ Audio CD Reading & Writing Pbk, 2nd Ed Level 2 Listening & Speaking, Pbk w/ Audio CD Reading & Writing Pbk, 2nd Ed

9780887274251 9780887276019 9780887276590 9780887276606

$46.95 $31.95 $57.95 $41.95

Breeze into Japanese
Practical Language for Beginners
By Kazuko Imaeda Designed with the independent learner in mind, Breeze into Japanese makes learning simple, logical, and fun. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to learn Japanese with this flexible, step-by-step approach!
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Personal Japanese Tutor ロボ先生
By Noriko Nagata

Robo-Sensei can help develop overall linguistic accuracy, sociocultural awareness, and typing accuracy.

Focuses on daily spoken language Emphasizes understanding Japanese sentence structure Uses romaji (romanized Japanese) to teach authentic grammar for practical communication Optional exercises and chapters allow you to learn hiragana and katakana at your own pace Includes two audio CDs
9780887274220 $47.95

—The CALICO Journal

An interactive software program for learning and practicing essential Japanese grammar, Robo-Sensei uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing for one-on-one instruction.

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2003, 7 x 10, B/W illustrations, 352pp. Pbk w/Audio CD

24 modules progress from beginning to advanced level Mimics real-life situations Interprets responses, corrects mistakes, and provides detailed feedback Color photos and fun facts boost cultural knowledge
9780887274237 $59.95

2003 CD-ROM


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