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Dinner Begins at 3 pm
hair of the dog cocktails
Mimosa 3.5 MSI Bloody Mary One Eyed Willey 6.5

ST. Germain Our Original Recipe with Our Original Recipe with

Hummingbird 7.5 Celery, Shrimp and an Old Ketel One Citroen
Bay rimmed glass 5.5
Walk of Shame 5.5
Fuzzy Navel 4 Add Absolut Peppar 1.5
16 oz. Mimosa w/Chambord

ST. Germain ‘Patagona Gigas’
“World’s Largest Hummingbird” $28 - Serves 4

MSI Brunch Platter Crab Benedict
2 pancakes, 2 eggs any style, 2 pieces A spin on the classic served over
bacon, scrapple or sausage - served a toasted English muffin with Miss Flo’s MSI
with home fries. 11 crab cake, topped with poached egg and
Hollandaise sauce, served with home fries. 17
MSI Original Seafood Omelet Traditional Eggs Benedict 14
Our fluffy, 3-egg omelet stuffed
with diced shrimp & scallops, lump Steak & Eggs
crab meat and cheddar jack cheese. House cut ribeye, grilled and served with your
Served with a side of home fries. 15 choice of eggs and home fries.
Finished off with a cheese mornay sauce
Meat & Cheese Omelet and chopped bacon. 16
Our fluffy, 3-egg omelet filled with your
choice of one meat – ham, bacon, Hangover Burger
scrapple or sausage – and cheddar jack Our solution to your Saturday night!
cheese, served with a side of home fries. No Our Certified Angus Beef® burger, served
substitutions, please. 13 on a toasted brioche kaiser, topped with a fried
egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato and baked
Mediterranean Omelet scrapple! Served with a side of home fries. 14.5
Our fluffy, 3-egg omelet stuffed with spinach,
wild mushrooms, tomato and feta cheese. Myrtle the Turtle’s Specials (for kids)
Served with a side of home fries. 12.5 Your choice of 2 silver dollar pancakes,
1 slice of bacon or sausage and one
Doughnut French Toast scrambled egg. 6.5
Sweet and buttery brioche doughnut, OR
battered and deep fried, covered in French Toast and Fresh Fruit 6.5
a warm apple pie filling and finished No substitutions, please.
with powdered sugar. 12 For kids 8 and under only.

a la carte side items
Pancakes (3) 4 Sausage Patties (2) 3.5 Two Eggs 3.5

Toast w/Jelly (2) 1.5 Turkey Sausage Links (2) 3 Home Fries 2.75

Bacon (4) 3.5 Kirby and Holloway Fresh Fruit Cup 4
Baked Country Scrapple 4.5