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An aggressive or elite unit, typically held in reserve and used for

assault: it has an advantage on the attack. This trait can also be applied to a
unit noted for extraordinary zeal.

Steady. This unit has an advantage on the defense in general due to its

Skirmish. This infantry unit has a better-than-average ability to dominate

its opponents’ skirmish lines and thus to confuse or demoralize enemy units.

Firepower. This infantry unit has an advantage when firing volleys.

Impetuous. If this is an infantry unit, its fire is penalized. For both infantry
and cavalry, units with this trait must always advance after winning a combat
(they do not have a choice).

Conscript. These units are unseasoned and hesitant in movement, and prone
to panic when attacked.

Heavy Artillery. This unit receives a bonus when firing at long range.

Mobile. Some units (typically horse artillery) receive this trait enabling them
both to move and to fire in the same turn.