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1. The project submission and valuation is divided into TWO components.

a) Synopsis
 There is no separate mark for synopsis.
However, the synopsis should be minimum 400
words and maximum 450 words.

b) Project (20 Marks)

The allocation of mark is strictly as followed in the previous semester.

2. Last date for Registration, finalisation and submission of Project Title

13.02.2018 (Wednesday) at 12.00 P.M. both Hard and Soft Copies.

3. No Late submission of synopsis may be entertained.

4. The synopsis should contain

- General introduction about the title - 200 words
- Objectives of the Title -50
- Research Questions - 40
- Methodology of the Research should be very specific -40
- Sources for the Research Work - 30
- Conclusion - 40
- Suggestions/Recommendations (Depends upon title and
Methodology) - 50
- Bibliography/References
5. The Formatting of Project has to be
- Times New Roman
- Font Size
o Text - 12
o Foot note - 10
- Line Spacing
o Text - 1. 5
o Foot note - 1

6. The students are instructed to submit Hard and Soft copy of the project
both MS Word and PDF format.

7. The last date for submission of rough draft only Hard Copy is
17.04.2017 (Saturday).

8. There may not be any change in the last date for submission of project
both Hard and Soft Copy, i.e., 22.04.2018 (Saturday).

9. The students are also instructed to send mail only to

10.If any assistance on clarifications of the title is permissible only when

students are finalising the synopsis.
Any discussions regarding the subject and assistance to complete the
project is permissible only by prior appointment of date and time in
person only. No e-mail or telephone conversation.
No deviance is permissible in this rule.

Mode of Citation :
Primary Sources

United Nations Charter

International Legal Material

Secondary Sources
Edited Books
News papers

International Legal Material

- United Nations Charter, 1945

- Vienna Convention on Law of Treaties, 1969
- TRIPS - Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, 1994

Article 2 (4), United Nations Charter, 26 June 1945, 67 UKTS (1946), 39

AJIL Suppl. 490, (1945) (in force 24 October 1945).

Article 34, Vienna Convention on Law of Treaties, 23 May 1969, 1155

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University Press, London,), p. 41

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Edition, 1994, Oxford University Press, Oxford), p. 79.

Edited Books
Dr. A. David Ambrose, “Sustainable Development of Natural Resources and
Environmental Implications in International Law” in Dr. S. John William
(Edn.,), Management of Natural Resources for Sustainable Development,
(SECNARM, 2002, Chennai), pp 38-54 at 40.


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Case Laws

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International Court of Justice

Case Concerning Pulp Mills on the River Uruguay, (Argentina v. Uruguay) (2006), ICJ Rep.
Nuclear Test case, (Australia v. France), (1973), ICJ Rep. 99.
Nicaragua v. United States America (France v. Turkey) (1927), PCIJ Ser. A. No. 10.
Arbitral Tribunals

Lake Lanoux Arbitration, 12 R Int’l Arb. Awards 281, (1957).

Trail Smelter (U.S. v.Canada), 3, R. Int’l Arb. Awards 1905 (1938 & 1941).

Web Sources

AslanAbashidze, The Relationship Between International Law and Municipal

Law: Significance of Monism and Dualism Concepts, available at www.

Note : This standard format is only Public International Law

Title Page

Title of the Project

Submitted by


Register No
Project Submitted to

Associate Professor of Law


(A State University established by Act No. 9 of 2012)
NavalurKuttapattu, Srirangam (TK), Tiruchirappalli – 620009.

MARCH 2018


I ---------------------------------------------------------, Registrar Number ---------------------------,

hereby declare that this project work entitled


s been originally carried out by me under the guidance and supervision of

Dr. S. Amirthalingam, Associate Professor of Law, Tamil Nadu National Law School,

Tiruchirappalli - 620 009. This work has not been submitted either in whole or in part of

any Degree / Diploma at any University.

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Date : (--------------------------------------)