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Como decir la hora en ingles

What time is it? / What’s the time – Como decir la hora en inglés

In English we use “past” or “after to say times what the time is until half past, or 30
minutes past the hour.

We use “to” to say times before the hour from 31 minutes until the full hour.
In English we use o’clock only at the full hour.

Example: It’s eight o’clock

When speaking about the different times of the day we often use: in the morning, in the
afternoon, in the evening. Be careful! In English we use at night NOT in the night

Let’s look at FIGURE 1 to better understand what I just explained: (gracias a
por la figura)

 We use the term o’clock to refer to a a full hour. Examples:

 We use the term half (mitad) to refer to 30 minuets. 30 is the limit to use “past” or

 We use the term quarter to 15 minutes. It this is before 30 then we use “past” or

 Similar to the last example. We use a quarter to refer to 15 minutes but it is after
30 so we use “to”.

 Remember to use “past” or “after” when the minutes are before 30.

 When it is after 30 minutes we DO NOT use “past” or “after”. WE USE “TO” and
we point to the NEXT hour.