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The whole nation this week (on 9th May - 10th May

2018 ) watched history being made as the ruling BN

coalition was bundled out of power by PH.

Other people will in the future be able to only learn

of it in their history lessons, but the people here have
been able to watch it live. As if they were in a stadium
enjoying a game of football from start to finish.

All the time, very ceaselessly, from the 1st of every

January to the 31st of every December, the major
broadcasting station in the country TV3 spewed out
anti-PH and anti-minority opinion pieces disguised
or dressed as daily news items during its prime time
evening news hour.

The lies and half-truths spewed out were powerful

enough to make one cringe, and designed to bury
any hopes of PH taking Putrajaya. But the impossible
dream became reality on the morning of 10th May.