Forces of Da Orkquisishin

Forces of Da Orkquisishin Ork Speshul Traits: Orks wuz meant fer fightin an winnin : All Orks automatically know

how to use any non-exotic melee weapon, and any SP ranged weapon, and need no special skill to use them. Further training increases your chance of hitting by 10. Orky Tek: Any looted exotic or energy weapon can be converted by a Mekboy and made orky . This makes it an exception to the above rule, and it can be counted as a non-exotic or non-energy weapon for the purposes of hitting. Ded Ard: Orks are remarkably tough to kill, and do not count as disabled from being in negative Hit Points, unless otherwise specified by the critical damage result. Nor do they automatically die from the loss of any limbs (except for the head). Orky Finkin : For all their fighting prowess, Orks still have the problems that are generally associated with having a head full of skull instead of brains. Your iniative also gets a -1 modifier in the first round of combat, because an Ork is so slow thinking that he practically has to be told that he is in a fight unless he gets a good head of steam. Orky Appetite: Orks can, and will, eat almost anything. Meat is generally preferred, but Orks have been known to consume plastic, metal, and even promethium tank fuel. Orks all have Carouse +10 Mob Rule: Because Orks are latently psychic, the more Orks that are in an area, the more confident and tough they are. Orks get a +10 to Willpower for every Ork within 10 meters. MODIFIERS: (To generate characteristic, roll 2d10 and add the modifier) WS: 30 BS: 10 S: 30 T: 30 Ag: 15 Int: 10 Per: 15 WP: 20 Fel: 20

arms. They do this by rolling for Int + 30 (It ain t hard to heal an Ork). Trade(Machinist) Starting Traits: Sturdy Starting Gear: Kustom Mega Blasta(2d10 Orky Energy. your choice of legs. You can choose either a Slugga Boy. in that they can make un-orky(Exotic or Energy Weapons) into orky weapons that the Orks can use. Flak Armour(Torso 2). Painboys are useful to have along. They can also give Orky Gunz one of three upgrades: 1) Add 1d6 damage and Gets Hot. On a success. Bulging Biceps. They can use their Dok s Tools to heal an injured Ork. the Ork loses 1d10 wounds. To do this. Slugga Boyz receive a +5 to Weapon Skill and Toughness. as they make your already Ded Ard Orks even harder. Cannot be Upgraded). Never an explodin leg. Starting Skills: Speak Language(Orkish). Shoota Boyz receive a +5 to BS. and they had better be. Pen 5. the Ork gains 1d6 wounds. Most Orks fear the painboy. 3) Give a weapon that did not previously have rapid fire capability the ability to fire 3 shots on full auto. They can only do this once a day. In the case of mundane close combat weapons. They are the meatshields of an Orkish invasion force. It takes two hours of relatively uninterrupted work to upgrade a weapon or make a weapon Orky . aside from the fact that they are really darn good at krumpin stuff. or a Shoota Boy. eyes. Really Small Squig Mekboy: A Mek is the one who handles all of the Tek in the Ork Horde. always da safe stuff Starting Skills: Speak Language(Orkish). as an Ork quickly tires of doin fings like dis fer ungrateful gits what always want da same fings. Shoota (Shoota Boy).Ork Careers: Fightin Boy: A Fightin Boy is to the Orks what the Guardsman is to the Humies. There isn t really anything special about Slugga Boyz. 2) Add 2 damage. Mek s Tools Painboy: A Painboy is an Ork surgeon. 1/-/-. Fond of experimentin . Capable of working . Repair Tek. Meks are special. Furious Assault. Tek Use. or cranium). Sturdy Starting Gear: Slugga and Choppa (Slugga Boy). for reasons that should be obvious by his name and occupation. Hardy Starting Traits: Brutal Charge. because that s their job. oh no. Shiny Bitz. On a failure. they can upgrade them to Ork-Toof chainsaws. Eavy Armour(Entire Body 2). the Mek needs at least 30 quality Ork Teef. Kustom Limb(Average Quality Bionic Limb. Handful o teef. Gets Hot.

Other Orks find Kommandos to be un-orky. A brainboy can check is notes to compare the current enemy with other enemies he and his tribe have faced in the past. Camouflage. Night Vision Goggles *: When you hit an enemy from behind. They can tell how many wounds an opponent has left in him. Trade(Doktor) Starting Traits: Sturdy. Dok s Tools. Kommandos do not benefit from the Mob Rule. Starting Skills: Speak Language(Orkish). Brainboy: A brainboy is a smart Ork. Knowledge(Orkish Anatomy). Flak Armour(Torso 2). Blessing of Mork* Starting Gear: Choppa. grants +10 to Command). Grot Prod(1d10 Orky Shock. Slugga. for example) under their control. it s the Brainboy s job to make sure that goes as smoothly as possible. Starting Skills: Speak Language(Orkish). he has all the responsibility and none of the actual power. Ignores Armour. Exotic Weapon Training(Shock) Starting Traits: Sturdy Starting Gear: Slugga. and so they have a place in Orkish Society. On a Challenging(+0) Int test. three Gretchin Underlings Kommando: A Kommando is a sneaky Ork. but they are undeniably useful. Speak Language(Low Gothic).with a Mek to attach Bionik parts to other Orks. Heal. Literacy . which works in the same way as the Emperor s Fury. you automatically activate Mork s Sneakyness. Speak Language(Low Gothic). Walk Silently. Starting Skills: Speak Language(Orkish). Brainboys start out with +10 to their Int and -5 to their Fel. Logic. Fear 1. as the other Orks find them not-Orky Starting Skills: Speak Language(Orkish). Basically. except from other Kommandos. Painboyz know what pain looks like. Intimidate. Command. Urty Syringe Runtherd: A runtherd is an Ork that keeps da grots and other runty things (like enslaved humies. Starting Gear: Slugga. When a Nob tells a group of Orks to rush in and krump somefin . Street Fighting. Sneak Starting Traits: Sturdy. Kommandos can read and write in Low Gothic. a Brainboy can use a full action to check the stats of an enemy.

Brainboyz notebook Weirdboy: A Weirdboy is an Ork psyker.Starting Traits: Sturdy Starting Gear: Slugga. and he does not roll a 1. Starting Skills: Speak Language(Orkish) Starting Traits: Sturdy. then he MUST re-roll once on the table. they have less control over them. If he is not holding his staff. Though their powers have more brute force than most other races psychic powers. he can re-roll on the table once per round. they must roll on the table below for which power they use. Weirdboys have in battle and out of battle psychic powers. Psy Rating 3 Starting Gear: Copper Staff . If the Weirdboy is holding his copper staff. In battle. Rather than purchasing psychic powers using experience.

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