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Direct farm fresh produce by the farmers would help solve this problem and also the farmers would be directly benefited by this plan in terms of their capital gain.The ideal place to set up this market would be in vashi which has become the centre of Navi Mumbai. It has grown enormously in terms of commercial capitalization.Selected Place in Mumbai Place: Vashi (Navi Mumbai) Analysis of the Environmental factors that led to the Growth of the Organization The lifestyle of the people and the quest to have the best of the quality products has led us to come up with this business plan for organic farmers market. The vegetables and fruits which are in the domestic market are usually chemically treated by the retailers for greater attractiveness leading to better profit margins taking a toll on the health of the consumers. . The area is easily accessible by all modes of transport.. The Vashi area of Navi-Mumbai has developed a lot during the last decade.

. CONCEPT Organic farmers market were introduced with a view to eliminate the middlemen and arrange facilities for the farmers to sell their produce directly to the consumers at reasonable rates fixed every day. On account of the scheme both the farmers and the consumers are benefited .Company Name and brief description ORGANIC FARMERS' MARKET I TRO UCTION Direct marketing is a long felt need of the farmers and consumers of the country as it goes a long way in ensuring higher remuneration to the farmers and meeting the satisfaction level of the consumers through direct sale of the agricultural commodities by the farmers to the consumers at affordable prices.

A large number of small farmers are unable to effectively bargain for better price in the wholesale market. create high overheads leading to h igh margin on produces. therefore. Inefficiencies in the wh olesale markets results in a long chain of intermediaries. felt necessary to evolve an alternate marketing strategy where both growers and consumers are benefited through this market. The marketing system for fruits and vegetables is now in the hand s of middlemen.Problem in the market to be addressed Regulated market yards for fruits and vegetables are functioning only at a few centres. Middlemen exist at various levels between the farmers and the consumers and exploit through malpractice in weigh ts. handling and payments. Large number of small retailers. It is. multiple handling. . loss of quality and increase the gap between the producer and consumer prices. each handling small quantities.

3. To ensure remunerative prices to the farmers and provide fresh vegetables to the consumers at reasonable rates fixed every day.How does this service would address the problem ? The objectives of the organic farmers market are mainly: 1. Provide direct interface between farmers and consumers . Curb malpractice in weights. 4. 2.eliminating intermediaries in trade. . Facilitate prompt realization of sale proceeds to the farmers with out any deductions.

00 AM. which may be 20% -25% higher than the whole sale price and lower than the local retail market prices in the area. the prices of vegetable are fixed in consultation with the farmers committee. . Hypercity etc. P lic A e te Prices of vegetables are frequently announced through public address system to create awareness of the rates of the vegetables among the consumers as well as farmers. Competitive advantage Organic farmers market can withstand the competition in the following ways: P ice Fix tio The market committee will every day communicate the moderate wholesale prices of vegetables through fax between 7.Current Potential Competitors The main competitors of the organic farmers market are the local market vendors and also the major supermarkets selling vegetables and fruits like Big Bazaar.30 AM and 8. Based on the same.

short term storage etc. cleaning. grievance redress mechanism etc. grading. nature. number of customers visiting the bazaar per day. quantity and quality of agricultural produce being brought by the farmers for sale. The health conscious group would also fit into this category. The facilities should. parking. allotment of stalls to the farmers on farmers¶ group. price display mechanism. coin chang ing machines. type. loud speakers and broadcasting system. avail ability of utilities viz. water. availability of functional infrastructure facilities viz. therefore. type and quantity of scalable items brought by the farmers. The demographic attribute would consist mainly of the working class with lower and middle income group category. garbage disposal/ cleaning facilities and last but not the least services/ facilities for the convenience of the consumers viz. electricity. match to the requirement of the farmers and the consumers/ customers.. weighing. systematization of the retail price fixation mechanism. design of the stalls based on the nature. . packaging.Description of the Target Market and Demographic attributes Successful operation of direct agricultural marketing infrastruct ure facilities depend upon location of the bazaars.

Demographic Classification Consumers Male Percentage 38 Female 62 Age group Below 20 years 10 21-30 years 23 29 31-40 years 41-50 years Above 50 years 26 12 Percentage .

which may be 20% -25% lower than the whole sale price. To avoid such problems.Marketing Strategy The following marketing strategies should be followed to attract both the farmers and consumers: P ice Fix tio The prices of vegetable are fixed in consultation with the farmers committee. P blic A e Syste Prices of vegetables are frequently announced through public address system to create awareness of the rates of the vegetables among the consumers as well as farmers. major residential areas and hostels as per their requirements to encourage the farmers to bring more and better quality vegetables to the market. Sale of e etable to e i e tial c ool / o tel The organic farmers markets can undertake bulk supply of vegetables to the social welfare hostels. . the market functionaries may install coin exchangers at a suitable location in the market through tie up with banks . Po i i of coi s The farmers and consumers face a lot of probl em due to lack of change especially of 50 paise and one rupee coins.

000 195.000 220. .Projected market in next 5 years: Customers 225.000 Current Market Projected Market Based on the current consumer perception of organic foods and the attractiveness and benefit to the farmers this business plan is expected to grow 4 times in the coming years already taking a success route in the implemented areas.000 190.000 Customers 205.000 215.000 210.000 200.

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