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Skills Development Programme Marking Sheet

Module Title

QQI Title/ Code Level 3 Communications 3N0880

Learner Name Michael McCann
Learner PPSN

LO Code Task Assessment All Tasks Location

Description Criteria Completed of Evidence
1.1  Demonstrate reading techniques and explain two Outline a limited range of reading techniques to Worksheet 1.1
advantages and disadvantages of each technique include scanning, skimming
1.2  Read three different texts from daily life including Read a limited range of different texts, including Worksheet 1.2
fiction, non-fiction and informational, e.g. a short work-related, personal and social or community life Text 1, Text 2, Text 3
story, a newspaper article and a cookery recipe. material, for a variety of purposes, to include
identification of bias, genre, key features,
learning context, entertainment
1.3  Read five different texts, including at least one fiction, Use a limited range of reading techniques to locate Worksheet 1.3,
one non-fiction, and one informational text and locate specific information in reference materials and short
specific information. pieces of text, to include scanning, skimming and
reading for more detailed understanding
1.4  Read one media article, e.g. opinion piece or movie Extract the main facts, ideas and opinions from Group Activity (pg 15)
review, and one information pamphlet, e.g. student simple written material, to include media articles, Learner Activity (pg
handbook or IWA website material and identify key information pamphlets 16/17)
facts and opinions. IWA leaflet (in folder)
2.1  Produce three short written pieces to include one Use drafting, proof reading, spelling and sentence Email – worksheet 2.1.1
fiction piece, one opinion piece and one factual structure that is fit for purpose to include simple My Future History 2.1.2
report including draft versions with evidence of proof- instructions, personal and Planning Sheet
reading and a final edited version. formal correspondence Newspaper report
2.2  Produce five short pieces of finished writing, Write to support learning to include note and Email 2.1.1
including three pieces that show evidence of drafting message taking, expressive writing, and learning aids Learning Journal (at rear
and revising. such as learning journal or mind-maps of portfolio)
Movie Review
My Future History

2.3  Send three messages using e-mail or social media to Interact with others through a limited range of current Worksheets:
include both formal and informal messages and electronic and social networking technologies taking Permanent Footprint
receive replies/comments, e.g. an e-mail, a social appropriate consideration of the benefits and risks of Social Media Survey
media post and an online blog entry. such technologies Tips to protect online
 Complete a worksheet listing some benefits and risks privacy
of social media/online communication RTU Blog
Email to/from tutor
3.1  Complete a worksheet identifying a range of road Interpret common signs, symbols and non-verbal Worksheet 3.1
signs, health & safety notices and clothing labels messages to include traffic and road signs, hazard
signs, care labels
3.2  Take part in three video role-play exercises, e.g. Identify the principal factors affecting everyday Video – Customer
customer complaint, presentation, phone call interpersonal communication, to include effective Complaint
 Reflect on each roleplay in a worksheet. listening and speaking, body language, social, Video – Presentation
physical, relational, mood/state of mind, Video - Phone call
purpose, speech, genre, status Worksheets 3.2
3.3  Create a visual message with minimal or no written Use non-verbal signals and visual aids to convey Picture 3.3
content, e.g. a poster different messages
3.4  Take part in a range of role-play exercises:, e.g. Initiate a conversation in different settings to include Video – Introduction of
introducing oneself, greeting new students, active listening skills whilst face to face and on the self
gathering/relaying information by phone, class phone, using small talk or ice- breakers, expressing Video – Introduction of
discussions personal opinions, feelings, facts and disagreement others
Group discussion
3.5  Give a presentation to class, e.g. on a topic of Narrate observations, events, experience, feedback Video – Presentation
personal interest, a story from your life, or the results and procedures using appropriate vocabulary within Presentation Planning
of survey work a small group, to include a story or anecdote, arts or Sheet
media related issue, a
situation of enquiry, local event, conflict or personal
3.6  Conduct a simple survey and interpret results. Use questioning techniques for a range of formal or Interview Planning Sheet
 Interview a person of interest about their work or life informal purposes, to include learning, and matters of Interview scribed
experiences fact, inference, interpretation and fiction

3.7  Complete cloze test worksheets showing vocabulary Use the vocabulary appropriate to a range of public Cloze Tests:
skills on the topics of personal health care, working contexts, to include personal health care, working Are you getting enough
life and financial transactions life, financial transactions. sleep?
Mortgages/Credit Cards
Working Overtime