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Higher Education Gift of 9th House

Cuspal detail Planet detail

Cusp Star Lord Sublord
I Rahu Venus
II Saturn Mercury
III Ketu Mars
9 more rows
Higher Education Gift of 9th House - aifas
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Higher Education Gift of 9th House - aifas
Here Mars is in the star of Jupiter, the occupant of 9th and sub of Mercury, the
occupant of 4th, is much stronger to give higher education. So, any planet in the star of
sub of Mars will be able to give higher education. Jupiter Dasha was ending on
22.07.98 and there after the major period of Saturnwas to come.

Planets responsible for higher education | AstroSanhita
Feb 6, 2018 - Education Horoscope In Astrology Education Astrology Prediction How
To Predict /Education Horoscope In Astrology: Education is judged mainly from four
houses – 2nd house, 4th house, 5th house & 9th house. All planets represents some
kind of educational field or field of studies. For example, Saturn ...

Astrology and Education - Future Point
The ninth house is about the philosophical education that is mainly the higher
education like Philosophy, Science, Literature, imagination, analytical power, and ....
While considering one's education the Jupiter and Mercury alone should not be
considered almost every planet is responsible for the education as given below.

Astrology Yoga for Higher Education | ASTROLOGER Pt.B.P. ...
Dec 29, 2016 - In Astrology, generally we see the 2nd house and the lord of 2nd house
and the planed in 2nd house for primary education, 4th house and the 4th house lord
and the planet in 4th house and for post graduate level of education and
research studies like M.Phil, Ph.D. 5th house and 5th house lord , 9th house ...

Which planet is responsible in astrology for highest intelligence ...
Dec 17, 2016 - Mercury is responsible for intelligence, but it has to be connected with
5th house andJupiter the planet of wisdom and knowledge to attain the results.
What planetary combinations denote permanent ...
16 answers
11 Jul 2016
As per Vedic Astrology what kind of planetary ...
6 answers
30 Mar 2016
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Role of Planets and Houses in Determining Education - Scribd
The 5th house relates to creativity. The 2nd house indicates level and quality of
education. The 9th and 10th houses indicate ambition and higher education.
Astrological significations of Planets Sun - Politics, Forestry, Zoology, Medicine,
Administration. Moon - Botany, Marine, Agriculture, Medicine, Horticulture,
Psychology, ...

education astrology: yoga for higher education - secrets of horoscope
Nov 10, 2012 - Mercury (Budha) is the planet that is directly responsible for education,
skills and talent of every person. Similarly the 5th house from the Lagna is
also responsible for the education of every person. Let us see the position
of Planets that makes a person to have higher education. 1. ThePlanet Mercury &
5th ...

Education in Astrolgoy - Kapiel Raaj
How to find the level of education in a person's life through horoscope, astrology or
vedic astrology? well, let me show you the secrets of lack of education and higher
education in astrology .

Prospect of Acquiring Education - Webjyotishi
The situation of planets in the various education-related houses (2nd = Aptitude,
proficiency; 3rd = Skill of writing, informal studies; 4th = General education (graduation
degree/ diploma); 5th = Intelligence, memory, merit; 9th = Higher education (Post-
graduation/ professional qualification; 10th = Knowledge; 11th ...

How Planets Affect Education - Shrivinayaka Astrology
Planets have their effect on individual's education choices and ability to grip them.
When 2nd and 5th houses and their lord's are badly affected the person has little or no
education. The ninth house, the house of religion and spirituality, is considered to be the
home of higher learning. Since Jupiter is the ruler of this house, ...

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