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Spain + Portugal
JUNE 9th-19th

Barcelona Ibiza Madrid Lisbon

Cycling Tour Ibiza Castle Pub Crawl Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour
Sagrada Familia Beaches Day Trip to Toledo Day Trip to Sintra
Flamenco Night Boat Parties Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Bairro Alto
When in City


Day 1: Arrival in Barcelona In the evening, you could opt to experience a

Flamenco show – a traditional Spanish artform
With its rich history and global fame, that combines dancing, singing, guitar
Barcelona is one of the most bustling tourist playing, handclapping and finger snapping. In
hubs in the world. Check-in to your hostel short, ‘Senorita’ from Zindagi Na Milegi
located in the centre of Barcelona, right next to Dobara.
all the top attractions of the city.
Day 3: Sagrada Familia + Park
In the evening, we will visit the most Guell
happening area of Barcelona – La Rambla.
This walking street has pop-up stalls, live Post breakfast, we will visit one of Barcelona’s
music, street dances and more that you can biggest works of architecture – The Sagrada
experience with your Amigos for the trip. Familia. This is a large, unfinished Roman
Catholic Church that was declared a minor
Day 2: Cycle Tour + Barceloneta basilica only in 2010 by none other than the
Beach Pope.

Today, we will take a bicycle tour of the city to

The Sagrada Familia was designed by Catalan
visit its most notable landmarks. We will cruise
architect Antoni Gaudi. Post touring this
through Basilicas, Cathedrals, Museums and
basilica, you can opt to visit Gaudi’s other
the city’s prime tourist hubs. Post our tour, we
breathtaking creation that draws millions
will visit the famous Barceloneta beach, one of
every year to it – Park Guell. Catch some Tapas
Spain’s most popular beaches where the
and Wine with your group tonight before
people of Barcelona love to come and eat fish,
departing from this beautiful city tomorrow.
seafood dishes and "tapas".
When in City


Day 4: Arrival in Ibiza + Ibiza Day 5: Ibiza Town + Boat Party


It’s been almost 20 years and the Vengaboys Ibiza is known for more than just partying so
song ‘We're going to Ibiza’ still rings clearly in head to one of its many famous beaches to
our minds. Ibiza is all that and so much more! take in the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.
Or explore the old town of Ibiza, its cosy cafes
We will catch a quick flight to Ibiza this and quaint boutiques.
Alternatively, you can opt to join a fantastic
Once on the island, we will visit the Ibiza boat party. With a great DJ, lots of food and
Castle. Located on a hilltop, this castle also free-flowing drinks on board, this will definitely
offers panoramic aerial views of the island. be the party that you have only seen in the
Rest of the evening is at leisure where you can
enjoy the majestic Mediterranean sights or You can also jump into the turquoise blue
simply indulge in the island’s renowned water in the middle of the sea. Don’t stop at
nightlife. daylight, take your party on to the mainland
and make the most of it on your last night in
When in City


Day 6: Arrival in Madrid + Tapas Mosques, Synagogues and Gothic cathedrals

and Wine Pub Crawl adorn the skyline of Toledo. Explore the city at
your leisure through the day while you admire
Adios Ibiza! Today we depart from the party its architecture, art and cuisine.
island and take a quick flight to Madrid, the
capital of Spain. Return to Madrid by the night and celebrate
your last evening in Spain.
Madrid is the third largest city in all of Europe
and is known for its art and culinary delights. Day 8: Shopping + Overnight Bus
After settling in at your hostel, you can opt to
to Lisbon
visit the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium – the
home ground of the Real Madrid FC and
Explore more of Madrid’s scenic offerings –
Christiano Ronaldo. The sheer energy in this
Churches to Basilicas, Museums to Art
stadium, even when it’s empty, is rapidly
Galleries today.
contagious. In the evening, we will head out to
claim Madrid’s nightlife by going on a Tapas
This morning is also the perfect time for you to
and Wine pub crawl.
shop at the capital city before boarding an
Day 7: Day trip to Toledo overnight bus to Lisbon in the evening.

Today, we will take a day trip to the beautiful Maybe have a last round of Tapas and Wine
city of Toledo. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, before bidding goodbye to this beautiful
this picturesque city saw the Christian, Muslim country and departing for Lisbon.
and Jewish communities co-exist peacefully in
the Middle Ages.
When in City


Day 9: Arrival in Lisbon + Hop On Day 10: Optional day trip to

Hop Off Trip UNESCO WHS Sintra

Lisbon, the effortlessly interesting capital city Today, you can opt to visit the region of Sintra
of Portugal, easily combines ancient & that is a 40 minute drive from Lisbon. A
traditional heritage with its modern & picturesque Portuguese town, Sintra is set
progressive outlook. amidst the pine-covered hills of the Serra de
Sintra. This used to be the residential area of
After freshening up at your hostel, join the the elite of Lisbon, who were attracted by
group for a Hop On Hop Off trip. This Sintra’s cooler climate. Exquisite palaces,
excursion will take you through all of Lisbon’s elaborate mansions and decorative gardens
top attractions through the day, giving you adorn the landscape of Sintra.
ample time to explore this magnificent city.
Alternatively, you can choose to spend the rest
You can also opt to explore the Pantheon or of the day in Lisbon, exploring more of its
one of Lisbon’s many monasteries through the landmarks, old town markets and other world
course of the day. renowned sights.

In the evening, head towards the Bairro Alto Day 11: Breakfast + Farewell
district to experience the nightlife of this
vibrant city. On your last morning in Portugal, hug your
fellow travellers goodbye and make a promise
to meet each other soon on another
adventurous journey. Adios Amigos!
When in City

Accommodation Local Tourist Taxes
9 nights of accommodation in swanky 4 to 8-bed dorms Local taxes associated with staying in the cities to be
in great hostels in prime locations, putting you close to paid in accommodations are borne by us.
all the top spots in the city. No Hidden expenses.

Intercity Transport Meals & Drinks

Transportation between cities including flight to Ibiza, All breakfasts, and a bunch of drinks during pub crawl.
flight to Madrid and bus to Lisbon.

Team Activities
Trip manager who knows the cities well will be travelling Experiences, which include:
with the group to ensure you have a good trip, plus to Detailed cycling tour of Barcelona
give you great suggestions. Besides this, travelling with Guided tour of Sagrada Familia
a group of likeminded people will definitely make it a fun Ibiza Castle
trip for you. Tapas and wine pub crawl in Madrid
Day trip to Toledo
Hop On Hop Off bus tour in Lisbon

You need to join us in Barcelona and leave from Lisbon. We will help you select the flights.
Schengen visa is required to visit Spain and Portugal. It needs to be applied at Spain's consulate and
we will guide you on the visa process.
Few extra optional activities such as Flamenco Show, visit to Santiago Bernabeu, day trip to Sintra,
and others can be arranged based on your interests at an additional charge. Lunches,
dinners, alcohol, intra city transportation, shopping and anything not mentioned in inclusions are
considered as personal spend.

Pricing Payment Terms

INR 62,000 + GST (5%) before 28th March INR 20,000 to book your spot
INR 67,000 + GST (5%) before 15th April Balance 45 days before travel (50% refundable
INR 72,000 + GST (5%) until spots are available until 20 days before travel)
Booking subject to availability. Contact on +91-
9867746065 or to reserve.