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This is Frida. She has a

lot of responsibilities
in her daily routine.

A. There are missing parts in Frida’s daily routine. Look at the words on the house and
complete the Frida’s daily routine with the correct one.

Frida gets up early in the morning. After she has her breakfast, she starts to do her daily works.
① ② ③
She ___________ her bed. Then, she starts to ___________ the house . First, she ____________
④ ⑤
the floor. Then, she __________ the laundry and ____________ the washing. Afterwards, she
⑥ ⑦ ⑧
___________ the shelves. Late afternoon, she ____________ the meals and ___________ the

table. After she has the dinner, she ___________ the dishwasher. In the end, she goes to bed.

B. Answer the sentences below according to the words given in the parenthesis.

Example: What is your father responsible for after dinner? (take out the garbage)

My father is responsible for taking out the garbage after dinner.

1) What do they usually have to do? (feed the cat)

_____________________________________________ .
2) What does Benjen have to do in the morning? (make the bed)

_____________________________________________ .
3) What does Cersei sometimes have to do? (do the grocery shopping)

_____________________________________________ .
4) What are your homemates responsible for on Saturdays? (clean up the house)

_____________________________________________ .
5) What does your mother always have to do after the dinner? (wash the dishes)

_____________________________________________ .

This is Javier. He likes
doing household chores
in a typical day.

C. There are 7 mistakes in Javier’s Typical Day. First one is already corrected. Find the other
mistakes and write the correct ones.


Javier is aware of his responsibilities. He does his responsibilities at home and he obeys the rules in

classroom. Here is a typical day of Javier :

Firstly, he does his bed and cleans his room every morning before leaving. After he keeps his pet,

he goes to school. At school, he is a bad listener. He makes his desk tidy and neat. He does his best

and works hard. When he comes home, he helps his mother. He cleans the dishwasher and makes

the table. Also, he is responsible for emptying out the garbage. After he finishes his homework, he

goes to bed.