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The Hawthorn

The Hawthorn
Spring 2018

Spring Plant Sale May 18-19
Merryspring will hold its Spring Plant Sale on Friday, May 18, from 3:00 to
6:00 p.m. and on Saturday, May 19, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Merry-
spring members will receive a 10% discount on all plant purchases; non-
members can take advantage of that same discount by becoming members
during the event.
10% Discount for Merryspring Members
Our 2018 plant sale will feature a diverse assortment of annuals, perennials,
vegetables, and herbs. Annuals include colorful snapdragons and impatiens,
graceful lobelia, stunning delphini-
Looking for Plant Sale ums, begonias, petunias, salvia,
marigolds, and more. Our selec-
Donations, Volunteers tion of perennials includes such Lavender ‘Munstead’
If you would like to donate your time, old favorites as Lavender ‘Munstead,’ Digitalis ‘Foxy,’ and Achillea ‘Moonshine’ as well as
plants or garden-related items to our exciting new cutlivars like Coreopsis ‘Zesty Zinger,’ Monarda ‘Coral Reef,’ and Veronica
Plant Sale, please call 236-2239, stop ‘Very Van Gogh.’
by the Ross Center, or send an email We’ll also have the usual variety of vegetable seedlings
to for more from tomatoes and peppers to lettuce and onions. Our
information. We can use volunteers selection of herbs includes all the favorites: basil, sage,
on Friday and/or Saturday. Donated rosemary, oregano, thyme, tarragon, and lemon verbena.
plants should include a note stating
type and color. No invasive plants, This year’s Plant Sale will also include some special guests
please. We’re also accepting ceramic — magnificent daylilies from the Maine Daylily Society, Impatiens ‘New Guinea’
pots, garden ornaments, or duplicate classic hostas and other shade plants from Fernwood
tools that can be resold. Nursery, and those wonderful dahlias from Endless Summer Flower Farm.
As always, by purchasing your plants at Merryspring, you are helping to support the up-
keep of our public gardens and continuation of our nature education programs for children and adults. For more information on
the Plant Sale, please email or call 207-236-2239.

Don’t Overlook the Rock Garden
One of the most interesting and often overlooked parts of our gardens at Merryspring is
the Rock Garden. “This is my favorite area in early spring as I patiently wait for the Pulsa-
tilla to bloom,” says Denise DeSpirito, Merryspring’s Garden Manager. “This flower's furry-
looking flower heads emerge slowly and bloom a bright purple, even before the dandeli-
ons arrive. Once the flowers start to die back they have a unique soft yet spikey seed head
that remains for the rest of the season. Be sure to take a look!”
Pulsatilla is the first to bloom in Merryspring’s
From the Rock Garden one can glance over and see the bright yellow of the Cornelian
Rock Garden.
cherry trees in bloom. The Rock Garden is also home to a patch of bloodroot flowers peek-
ing out from under a large rock. Bloodroot seeds have an eliosome that ants find to be a tasty treat, so they carry these seeds to
their tunnels to share and then eventually to an area where they discard them. This gives the bloodroot seed a protected place to
germinate and grow.
“You can still catch a glimpse of these early season blooms,” adds Denise, “before our garden beds start to pop with our estab-
lished perennials and this year's annuals.”
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Merryspring Uncovering the Early History Inside this issue:
Nature Center Plant Sale 1
of Merryspring’s Property Extra Items & Volunteers 1
P.O. Box 893, Camden, ME 04843
Tel: (207) 236-2239 The land now occupied by Merryspring Nature Center Rock Garden 1
Fax: (207) 230-0663 has been many things over the past 250 years: a lime Merryspring’s History 2
Email: quarry, sheep farm, active sawmill. But long before there Bay Chamber Concerts 2
was a nature sanctuary on these 66 acres—before Cam-
Mission Statement den was even incorporated as a town—our property Summer Ecology Camp 3
Merryspring’s mission is to practice, may have been the site of an early American homestead Arboretum Map & Re-Opening 3
teach, and advocate sound principles or possibly a military barracks. Little evidence remains Coastal Children’s Museum 4
of ecology, conservation, and horti- today, outside of a large stone cellar hole, and the rem-
culture in order to protect our Sundog Explorers 4
nants of a well and outbuildings. However, a recent
natural environment and to provide Bringing Nature Home 4
study led by local archaeologist Harbour Mitchell uncov-
natural landscapes and cultivated Upcoming Events Calendar 5
areas for public enjoyment. ered ceramics, window panes, bricks, nails, and other
materials dating back to the 1780s. List of 2017 Contributors 6-7
Hours of Operation
The park is open free of charge from We are starting to explore plans to turn this early Ameri- Merryspring Reservations 8
dawn to dusk every day of the year. can site into an exciting new feature of our Nature Cen-
Our offices and library are open ter and are seeking grants to fund this effort. The site is
Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. located close to our existing Interpretive Trail, a self-
to 2 p.m., or by appointment. guided walking tour that takes in many of Merry-spring’s
Membership Levels natural and human history features. This early American
Keeping in Touch site will make a fascinating addition to that Interpretive
Individual $35—49
You can sign up for our eUpdates at Trail. To accomplish this, we will need to clear invasive
Family $50—99
to receive the plants and other shrubs that are obscuring the cellar,
Friend $100–
news on programs
$100– 249
249events. while preserving the mature trees in that area of the
Or Donor
Donorcan visit Merryspring’s
$250—499 park. We will also need to build a fence to keep visitors
book page, where you
can check on
$500—999 out of the cellar hole. We also hope to continue our
Steward $500—999
upcoming events. Please go to
Conservator $1,000—2,499
$1,000—2,499 work with local archaeologists to learn more about our
facebook/. $2,500—4,999
$2,500—4,999 property’s early history.
Partner $2,500—4,999
Board of Trustees
$5,000 or
$5,000or more
Bay Chamber Concerts
Keeping in Touch
Ray Andresen,
sign upVice
Rheault, for our eUpdates at
Returns to Merryspring Susan Reider Joins
Richard Ailes, Treasurer receive the
Bay Chamber Concerts will hold another free, informal
latest news onSecretary
Scott Carlson,
programs and events.
Merryspring Board
Kristen LindquistMerryspring’s Face-
you can visit outdoor concert in the Gazebo at Merryspring on Tues-
Dennis page, where you can check on
Milliken day, May 29, at 5 p.m. This half-hour program will fea- Susan Reider of Camden is the
Karin Rectorevents. Please go to ture Bay Chamber’s Odeon Adult Orchestra, conducted newest member of Merryspring’s
Susan Shaw by Deirdre McClure. The orchestra will play a mix of Board of Trustees.
Barton Wood classical and popular compositions, as it did at last year’s Susan was a Senior Partner at Terra
Staff of Trustees concert. Group for 24 years, providing spe-
Goodridge, Managing Director
Ray President Bay Chamber’s Odeon Program offers musicians the op- cialized consulting services in pub-
Brett Willard,
Sarah Rheault,Program Director
Vice President
Denise DeSpirito, Gardens Manager
portunity to perform in a variety of concert settings that lic affairs and social science experi-
Bart Wood, Treasurer are open to the public. ence in the United States, Latin
Scott Carlson,
©2017—All Secretary
Rights Reserved
America, Europe and West Africa.
Dennis Milliken
Karin Rector She also served as Executive Direc-
Susan Reider tor of the Mental Health Associa-
Susan Shaw tion of Pennsylvania for over five
years, during which she managed
Toni Goodridge, Managing Director
state-wide advocacy for public
Brett Willard, Program Director mental health initiatives, and im-
Denise DeSpirito, Garden Manager proved services to persons with
severe and persistent mental ill-
©2018—All Rights Reserved
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Registration Open for Both Weeks
of Summer Ecology Camp for Kids
Celebrating our 5th year together, Merryspring and the Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water
Conservation District are co-presenting another two weeks of Summer Ecology
Camp this summer. These part-day camps are an excellent way to get young chil-
dren outside this summer, with hands-on learning, games, gardening, and creative
ways to discover the natural world.
Eco-Explorers, our offering for kids ages 7 to 9, emphasizes outdoor exploration
A group of campers birdwatching near the vernal pool.
and discovery. Kids can expect gardening every day, nature walks, catching and
identifying insects, using microscopes, opening owl pellets, active games, and much more. Eco-Explorers runs from 8:45 a.m. to
12:00 p.m., June 25 through 29.
Younger children are welcome to enjoy an early introduction to nature education in Little Sprouts camp. This week, for kids ages 4
to 6, is especially geared towards young learners. Highlight activities include leaf rubbings, building forts and fairy houses, nature
scavenger hunts, an ocean touch tank, and more. Little Sprouts runs 9:00 to 11:30 a.m, July 16 through July 20.
Registration for each week is limited to 12 students. Snacks will be provided each day. Enrollment has already started, so inter-
ested families should consider signing up early. Tuition for Eco-Explorers is $100 for the week, with a discounted rate of $90 for
Merryspring member families. Little Sprouts is $80 for the week, with a discounted rate of $70 for Merryspring member families.
Families can sign up for camps by downloading a registration form on our website or visiting the main office.
For more information, please contact Program Director Brett Willard at or 236-2239.

Arboretum Gets New Map;
Grand Re-Opening June 23
After more than two years of work and planning, our restoration of
the Kitty Todd Arboretum is nearly complete. A new satellite-
accurate map will soon be posted on a new kiosk at the Arboretum’s
front entrance, as well as in a new user’s guide.
The map and restoration of the Arboretum is the end result of a
grant by the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and
Forestry Project Canopy program as well as the hard work of the
Maine Conservation Corps, Boy Scout Troop 200, arborists Doug
Johnson and Richard Lermond and their crews, Merryspring staff,
and park volunteers. Over two years of work went into the Arbore-
tum restoration project, including building stone steps, widening
trails, identifying and removing invasive species, identifying and
protecting specimen trees, writing and installing new interpretive
signs for 35 specimen trees, building a new front-entrance kiosk,
and renaming, marking, and mapping the Arboretum’s trails.
The new map was created by Merryspring volunteer Hans
Bengtsson using GPS (Global Positioning System). It is orientated
northward, with color-coordinated trails that will match blazes on
trees. These new trails get their names from their prominent tree
species, from the Pine Trail near the front entrance with its promi-
nent White and Red Pines to the lower Birch Loop, with its grand Yellow Birches. In addition to trails, the new map includes land-
marks in the Arboretum, such as ledges, benches, overlooks, and boulders. A new addition to the trail has been made as well, with
an offshoot of the Birch Loop (formerly A-7) heading to a very large, old tree we’re calling the Majestic Red Maple.
The final touches to the Arboretum restoration will be completed over the next few months, with a Grand Re-Opening being held
on Saturday, June 23 at 10:00 a.m. We encourage our guests to visit the newly restored Kitty Todd Arboretum and take advantage
of this unique local natural history resource.
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Merryspring Brings Environmental
Education to Coastal Children’s Museum
While the long, wet winter kept many kids inside this past season, there was
plenty of fun and learning to be found at the Coastal Children’s Museum in
Rockland. On three separate occasions, Merryspring brought science outreach
programs to the Museum for enthusiastic groups of children and parents.
For several years Merryspring has had a strong partnership with Coastal Chil-
dren’s Museum. Located in the south end of Rockland beneath the Sail Power
and Steam Museum, the Coastal Children’s Museum is dedicated “to provide
children and families the opportunity to explore, discover and learn through
play about the natural world, the arts and sciences, and the diversity of Maine’s
midcoast.” That’s a mission that strongly aligns with Merryspring’s own.
This winter we brought three programs to the Children’s Museum that covered
(1) learning about winter while looking at snow and ice crystals under a micro-
scope, (2) discovering owl behavior and dissecting owl pellets, and (3) using our Brett Willard teaches about Maine’s native wildlife with the
help of Merryspring’s Discovery Kit.
new skins and skulls discovery kit to teach about diversity and adaptations in
Maine’s native wildlife. In return for hosting these workshops, the Coastal Children’s Museum lends Merryspring the use of its
ocean touch tank during both weeks of our Summer Ecology Camps, allowing young minds to meet face-to-face with some of
Maine’s marine creatures.
Regarding this successful partnership, Elise Huff, Education & Outreach Manager for the Coastal Children’s Museum, said, “The
Coastal Children's Museum is so grateful that a wonderful organization like Merryspring Nature Center is a part of our community.
We love having Merryspring visit to host fun and educational workshops here at the museum, which we are able to offer to fami-
lies at no extra cost. When two community organizations join together like this, we find that everyone benefits, especially the par-
ticipating members of the community. We look forward to all our future collaborations."

Sundog Explorers Gain Winter Skills
A new outdoor adventure group visited Merryspring this year. Throughout
January, February, and March, the new middle-school-age outdoor expedition
organization called Sundog OE came to the Nature Center to explore our
fields and forests and learn new skills.
Sundog Outdoor Expeditions is an expedition-oriented after-school program
for middle school students focused on inspiring healthy, active, and adventur-
ous lifestyles. Teams of students from grades 5 through 8 visited Merryspring
Eric Evans and new kestrel house. multiple times this winter, as well as making stops at Camden Hills State Park,
the Camden Snow Bowl, Tanglewood 4H Learning Center, and Coastal Moun-
tains Land Trust preserves. While here, the young adventurers learned how to
snowshoe and cross-country ski, dug into the snow to create snow-cave emergency shelters, and practiced winter camping skills,
including how to stay warm and use a camp stove.
We look forward to working with Sundog OE again. For more information about this new outdoor expedition group, visit its web-
site at

Author Doug Tallamy to Speak at Rockport Opera House July 5
University of Delaware ecologist and entomologist Douglas W. Tallamy will be giving his presentation, “Native
Gardening and Biodiversity Matter,” at the Rockport Opera House on Tuesday, July 5, at 7 p.m. This event is
being co-sponsored by Merryspring in conjunction with Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District, Waldo
County Soil & Water Conservation District, Wild Seed Project, Rockport Garden Club, Boothbay Region Garden
Club, Warren Garden Club, and Plants Unlimited. Tickets, at $10 each, will be available soon.
Tallamy’s work focuses on how anybody can increase biodiversity and welcome nature “home” to their back-
yards by planting native plants. His work as an entomologist and ecologist examines how native plants are key
to healthy ecosystems by attracting native insects that will, in turn, bring birds and other wildlife to the home
garden. His book Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants has received a reputa-
tion as an essential guide to native plant and insect species, with detailed instructions of what to plant for different garden condi-
tions and the wildlife attracted to those plants.
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Spring Tuesday Talks are co-sponsored by: Camden National Bank and Camden Real Estate Company
Summer Tuesday Talks are sponsored by: The First and RE/MAX Jaret & Cohn Real Estate
*All talks begin at noon and are free for Merryspring members, $5 for non-members.
May 12 Bird Walk with Kristen Lindquist 7:00 —9:00 a.m.
May 15 The Ocean’s Tiny Fossils with Katherine Allen *
May 18 Plant Sale 3:00—6:00 p.m.
May 19 Plant Sale 9:00 a.m.—2:00 p.m.
May 22 The Art of Native Fish with Karen Talbot *
May 26 Monarch Butterflies with Eric Evans and Dottie Hokkanen. $10 / $5 for members
May 29 Tending the Perennial Garden — Opening the Garden with John Fromer *
May 29 Bay Chamber Odeon Concert 5:00 p.m.
June 5 Permaculture Design for Water & Ecosystem Management with Jesse Watson *
June 12 Backyard Herbalism: family Rosacea with Denise DeSpirito *
June 19 Tending the Perennial Garden — Garden Design with John Fromer *
June 25—29 “Eco Explorers” Summer Ecology Camp for children ages 7 to 9
8:45 a.m.—12:00 noon. $100 / $90 for members
July 3 Rose Day with Susan Shaw *
July 5 Doug Tallamy Talk at Rockport Opera House 7:00 p.m. $10 admission fee
July 6 Family Nature Walk with Brett Willard—a free family program 10:00—11:00 a.m.
July 10 Tending the Perennial Garden—Perennial Combinations with John Fromer *
July 13 Bug Safari with Brett Willard—a free family program 10:00—11:00 a.m.
July 16—20 “Little Sprouts” Summer Ecology Camp for children ages 4 to 6.
9:00—11:30 a.m. $80 / $70 for members.
July 24 Backyard Herbalism: family Ericacaea with Denise DeSpirito *
July 27 Tree Identification Walk with Brett Willard—a free family program 10:00—11:00 a.m.
July 31 Tending the Perennial Garden—Perennial Biology with John Fromer *
August 3 Wildlife Detectives with Brett Willard—a free family program 10:00—11:00 a.m.
August 7 Preserving Alpine Habitat in Maine with Caitlin McDonough McKenzie *
August 8 Kitchen Tour 2018 sponsored by EBS Style Solutions
9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Visit eight uniquely designed kitchens in CAMDEN &
ROCKPORT. Enjoy demonstrations and tastings from local chefs, caterers and food
purveyors throughout the day. Tickets go on sale in July.
August 10 Nature’s Tea Party with Brett Willard—a free family program 10:00—11:00 a.m.
August 12 Exploring Owl Pellets with Brett Willard—a free family program 10:00—11:00 a.m.
August 14 Backyard Herbalism: family Fabacaea with Denise DeSpirito *
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Merryspring Gratefully Acknowledges Your 2017 Contributions
PATRON ($5,000+) Anonymous, Doris Salzman Kelani Cundy, Gayle & Jim Curtis, Lydia & Mathilde Dardi, Harriet & John
PARTNER ($2,500 - $4,999): Wendy & Ray Andresen, Joseph D. DeHoff, Kathy & Jack Deupree, Elizabeth Boogusch & Charles Dhyse,
Messler, Jr., Sarah B. Rheault Clark & Karen Doran, Ruth & Robert Dreher, Richard J. & Barbara Ann
CONSERVATOR ($1,000 - $2,499): Mrs. Robert Black Jr., Susan Dubocq, Jim & Cindy Dunham, Vivian & David Edfors, Laura & Eric Evans,
Goodridge Crane, Dorothea & Charlie Graham, Edie Kyle, Meg Barclay Margaret Small & John Fenton, Abigail Fitzgerald, Joan Foxwell, Kevin &
& John Scholz, Barton & Priscilla Wood. Susan Frewert, Barbara Furey & Bart Furey, Janet Furlong, Dwight & Kay
Gagnon, Judith F. Getman, Janet Goss, George & Mary Graner, Nancy L.
STEWARD ($500 - $999): Amy & Robert Campbell, Mr. & Mrs. Charles
Duncan & Byron F. Greatorex, Donna A. Busch & John R. Green, Rev.
W.H. Dodge, James & Marilyn Rockefeller, Geraldine Steele, Brian &
Allison C. Smith & Gregory Greenleaf, Ben & Mary Anderson Griffin,
Marilyn Trask.
Greta Z. & Gary Gulezian, Faith E. & David C. Hague, Jane & Stephen
DONOR ($250 - $499): Ann B. Bixler, Heron Breen, Mary P. Chatfield, Hardy, Sara & Arthur Hayes, Kristen Heller, Carol J. & Steven D. Heyer,
David & Susan Colson, Brinkley Thorne & Mazie Cox, Michael & Thomas D. Hopps, John Brown & Marilyn Hotch, Sandy Hurlbut, Anne
Pamela Dufour, Mrs. Dewey Fagerburg, Mary Joe Hughes, Chris & Cogger & Leslie Hyde, Mr. & Mrs. David Jackson, Margaret-Elaine &
Ceil King, Pamela & Wolfgang Kowald, Stephanie A. & Alan S. Kumble, David Jinno, Jason Jones, Joe & Monica Kalo, Dr. & Mrs. Charles Kava,
Wayne & Caroline Morong, Janice l. Nicol, DVM, Karin & Frederick P. Robin & Michael Kennedy, Mr. & Mrs. James Kinsella, Kathryn Z. Klaber,
Rector, Elaine & Thomas Roberts, Dr. Marion Hayden & Cathy Kay Hope K. & Raymond L. Kocian, Dolores Davis-Kon & Michael Kon,
Sears, Stephanie Smith, Michael Voncannon. Elizabeth Kopeczky, Millicent Kriste Family, Christopher Meyer & Michael
FRIEND ($100 - $249): Anonymous (2), Martha White & Taylor Allen, Laska, Mr. & Mrs. Ed Libby, Mr. & Mrs. David B. Losee, Lisa & Kit Lyons,
Tom and Mary Amory, Kerry K. Andresen, Paula & Alexander Armen- Rebecca Maltais Family, Jean Matlack, Carolyn & Keith May, Wendy &
trout, JoAnne & Michael Bander, Valerie Brinkmann, Dale K. & John McIlwain, Ann McKendry, Ann H. & Richard A. McKittrick, Joanne &
Douglas A. Bruce, Sari R. Bunker, Helen Burlingame, William & Walter McNamara, Barbara J. & Stephen J. Melchiskey, John & Carol
Barbara Buss, Jane Carr, Steven A. & Margaret E. Case, Mary J. & Peter Melquist, Erica Merrill, Eunice R. Michaels, Dennis Milliken, Cassandra &
A. Chamberlain, Deborah Chapman, Charlotte Cook, Jock & Day Craig Mitchell, Allison N. Montgomery, Barbara & Robert Nichols,
Cowperthwaite, Kathleen Yorks & Bruce Craven, Virginia E. Noble, Judith H. & Douglas O'Dell, Dianne
Carol & Dan Daigneault, Kristen Lindquist & Paul and Kenneth Oelberger, Tony Oppersdorff, Carol
Doiron, Sarah A. Ellis, John A. & Beatrice A. Fargnoli, Goodridge & Jim Payne, Connie & Etienne Perret,
Rebecca Sawyer-Fay & Joe Fay, David & Felicia Robert & Jean Poole, Linda & Douglas Posson, Harriet
Feldman, Alexandra Wolf Fogel, Karen Foxwell, Dr. Potter, Mary Rackmales, Ray and Dorri Raposa,
& Mrs. Robert Furman, Faith Getchell, Terry & Ned Malcom & Christine Reed, Jeff Jones & Catherine
Gruener, Sandy Millar & Frances Hitchcock, Renee Reising-Jones, Paul & Linda Satkowski, Chris, Jim, &
Hotchkiss, Christine Q. Young & E. Daniel Johnson, Alex Schuld, C. Schulz, Nancy Seibert, Jean S. Silva,
Martha Jones, Ralph & Earlene Kelley, Ed & Ruth Susan & Robert Snead, Deidre Sousa, Dave Sturgis,
Kenney, Jim & Judith Kunkel, Timothy M. Rollo & Shirley Burnell & Emmett Sutton, Susan Mondabaugh
Maria T Kuntz, Mr. & Mrs. R. Chase Lasbury, Mrs. Emily L. Lewis, Mrs. & David Uhlik, Barry & Judith Valentine, Zella Walker, Mary & Graham
Douglas Linder, Joseph & Mary Ann Loffredo, Cynthia Lovecchio, Waltz, Ibby Meads & Mark Weaver, Katherine & Robert Wellen, Winston
Linsey Low, Richard & Wanda Macnair, Sally A. Marki, Richard & Irene Whitney, Catherine Wiejaczka, Dr. Thomas W. & Virginia H. Williams,
Maxcy, Steven & Ursula McAllister, Marion & James G. McCully, Pat Mary Lou & Frank Wyman, Susan & Tom Yoder.
Whitney Messler, Drew & Julia Milliken, Audrey R. & Roger Moody, INDIVIDUAL ($35 - $49): Anonymous (3), Joanne Alderman, Lozina Ames,
Colleen Lowe & Shawn Moran, Taylor Mudge, B. Kay Ouradnik, Barb Bausch, Barbara Bell, Lena Bengtsson, Elizabeth Kononen Berry,
Thomas & Gray Payne, Rosemary H. & Terence R. Peacock, Bonnie Ellen Berry, Carol H. Bosken, Mrs. James Clayton, Donna Crane, Jean N.
Percival, William S. Petrini, Lys McLaughlin & Thomas Pike, Jack Pikul- Crawford, Kitisha Croce, Sheila P. Davenport, Mary Davis, Mary Ellen
ski, Susan Reider, Diana Rigg, Jean Hutchins & Roger Rittmaster, Decato, Janice Dunlop, Julianne J. Edmondson, Maureen Egan, Jerry
Margaret Rizzio, Marjorie F. & Lloyd Roberts, M.D., Stacey Rossiter, Fales, Charlotte W. Faller, Amy Faunce, Pamela Gleason, Janet Gold,
Ann P. Rutherford, Dr. Joanne M. Sharpe, John & Judy Sherman, Jean Marion Gray, Bob Grobe, Erica Harriman, Claudia Bassis Hill, Dorothy
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Staz, John F. Steele, Jeff & Marli Thibodeau, Mary & Daniel Vartabe- N. Rebekah Huckle, Liga Jahnke, Elizabeth Johnson, Karen Keller, Anne
dian, Katherine Cartwright & Dan Verrillo, Peg & John Way, Clifford H. Kilham, Marcia Kimpton, June Kincade, Barbara Klie, Elinor Klivans,
& Ruth B. Wells, Tracy & Nina Lynn Wheeler, Kathryn Wolfe & Michael Barbara Lamb, Sharon Landry, Elizabeth (Winter) Lantz, Barbara Levy,
Whitehead, John G. & Lucille A. Williams, Thomas & Dennie Wolf, John Lippman, Hilda Livingstone, Ian & Breege Lochen, Lisa Looke,
Brad Chute & Laura Zalewski. Kathleen Ludman, Mary Lou Lundy, Barbara Malone, Leesa Mann,
FAMILY ($50 - $99): Anonymous (4), Richard Ailes, Kathleen M. Allain, Cynthia D. Margeson, Kathe J. Marion-Gallant, Jay Mauri, Marjorie E.
Robert E. & Pauline Anderson, III, Penelope Ray & Elizabeth Apollonio, Maxcy, Elizabeth A. Maxwell, Marian F. McAleenan, Patricia McDonald,
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Aroneau, Jane & Tom Babbitt, Bill & Susan Louis McDowell, Robert M. McKee, Patrisha McLean, Barbara McNulty,
Barbour, Tom Barksdale, Ann Beaudry, Barbara Jean La Roche & Joan Margaret Mednis, Maura L. Melley, Leslye Menerey, Susan Moore,
Bennett, Carole C. & F. William Black, Martha M. Block, Carol Rohl & Elizabeth Hale Morrell, Patricia Moss, Judy Mullins, Denise Kennedy
Gordon Bok, Jeanne & Peter Bowen, Joanne & Thomas Bresnahan, Munger, Nancy Norris, Susan Nugent, Barbara Ohland, Gail Palmer, Sue
Ruben S. Brown, Louise & Dick Cadwgan, Susan Shaw & Paul Cart- Pfau, Madeline S. Pitney, Barbara A. Plummer, Theo Pratt, Leecia Price,
wright, Lou & Cathy Castellani, Karen & Dick Cease, Marcella Mace & Ann Rafferty, Deborah L. Rapp, Don Reimer, Carol Ann Rosa, Aurora
Clifford C. Christianson, Ellis & Catherine Cohn, The Cooke Family, Neil Marie Santerre, Marian Sargent, Bonnie Schmidt, Dorothea R. Schmitt,
& Patricia Courtney, Rick & Sally Cowan, Stephen V. & Sylvia Crane, Jane Schroeder, Steven Seidell, (continued on page 7)
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Deborah Shappelle, Steven Shaw, Anita Siegenthaler, Elizabeth P.
Simon, Susan Sinclair, Mariella Smith Masters, Richard Smith, Sarah
2017 Business Support
Y. Smith, Lynn Snider, Deb Soule, Brenda Squibb, John F. Steele, Merryspring is very grateful for the support the local business com-
Marsha Steinglass, Alicia Stevenson, Molly Stone, Jane M. Strauss, munity gave us in 2017. If you appreciate Merryspring, we hope
Barbara Sweitzer, Ann Sziklas, Jan B. Taft, Judith Tarbox, Susan G. you will extend your thanks to these businesses that help fund our
Taylor, Michelle Terry, Dr. Judith Tydings, Joanne Vangel, Lynette work and provide valuable goods and services to our community.
Walther, Priscilla Weatherwax, Deanna L. Webster, Marjorie R. BUSINESS PARTNER ($1,000 or more): EBS Style Solutions.
Wester, Mary Wheelwright, Jean White, Katrinka Wilder, Wendy
Wood, Deborah Yule. BUSINESS STEWARD ($500 - $999): Camden National Bank, Camden
Riverhouse Hotel, The First.
COMPLIMENTARY MEMBERSHIPS: Mimi Bornstein, Jay Braatz & Eric
Buck, Susan & Pete Fitzgerald, Bonnie Gibbons, David Harvey, Jock & BUSINESS DONOR ($250 - $499): Allen Insurance and Financial,
Susan Robie, Lucas St. Clair, Shelley & Elliott Thompson, Paula Cedar Crest Motel, Country Inn at Camden/Rockport, RE/MAX Jaret &
Warnock. Cohn Real Estate, Rockport Automotive.

GIFT MEMBERSHIPS: Ellen Began Family, Anne & Greg Detmer, Rod BUSINESS FRIEND ($100 - $249): A. E. Sampson & Son, Ltd; Agren
Hook, Katherine & Lucas Lermond, Christine Moos, Jean, Jon & Steve Appliance, Bench Dogs, Cates Real Estate, Christopher Glass Archi-
Moro, Lara & Peter Moro, Jamie, Robert, & Aidan Witholt-Martin, tect, Cold Mountain Builders, Daggett Builders, David C. Olivas, DDS,
Nathaniel Stimson & Tiyana Wolf-Whitehead. Distinctive Tile & Design, Dominic Paul Mercadante Architecture, Eric
Allyn Architecture, Francine Bistro, Harbor Builders
GIFTS IN KIND: Laura & Eric Evans, Edie Kyle, Kristen Associates, Jack McKenney Studio / Gallery, Karl Meklin
Lindquist, Rosemary & Terence Peacock, Sarah Rheault, Builders, Kelsey's Appliance & Sleep Center, Lee
Margaret Rizzio, Susan Shaw, Barton & Priscilla Wood. Schneller Fine Gardens, Lighting Concepts, McMahon
OTHER CONTRIBUTIONS: Jane Arbuckle, Linda Builders, LLC, North Atlantic Painting Co., Omni Con-
Armstrong, Marianne Buehler, Phyllis Coelho, Elizabeth struction, PHI Builders & Architects, Rankin's, Rockport
Osborne, Carolyn Robinson, Patricia Shannon, Thomas Granite, Rockport Steel, Scholz & Barclay Architecture,
Wenckus, Katrine McCollum Willey, Dorothy Hopkins & Starlight Kitchen and Bath, Stonewall Kitchen, Sur-
Carl Wilms. roundings, TREEKEEPERS LLC - Johnson's Aboriculture.

2017, our programs received crucial financial support dening, Welte & Welte, P.A.
from a variety of organizations, municipalities, and BUSINESS GIFTS IN KIND: Boynton - McKay Food, Co.,
private foundations. We thank the following institu- Drouthy Bear, Fernwood Nursery & Gardens, Good-
tional supporters for their help during the past year: ridge-Lermond Tree Service, Hannaford Super Market,
Anonymous (1), Dreyfus Foundation, Fields Pond Foun- Lily, Lupine, & Fern, Planet Toys, Rock City Coffee
dation, Fisher Charitable Foundation, Maine Commu- Roasters, Schooner Olad, Sea Dog Brewing Co., State of
nity Foundation, Partners for Enrichment, Steven Maine Cheese, The Cotton Garden, The Green Thumb.
Leuthold Family Foundation, Thendara Foundation,
United Mid Coast Charities, Unity Foundation. COMPLIMENTARY BUSINESS MEMBERS: Bleecker & Greer Maine
Street Meats, Blue Sky Cantina; DFC (Damn Fine Curry), Graffam Bros.
MATCHING GIFTS: GE Foundation, The Van Otterloo Family Founda- Seafood Market, Heiwa Tofu, In Good Company, Laugh Loud, Smile
tion. Big Cupcakes, Laura Cabot Catering, Nina June, Rhumb Line & Slip-
GREENHOUSE GLASS REPLACEMENT CONTRIBUTIONS: Anonymous way, State of Maine Cheese, Susan Boivin, MSAD 28, The Market
(1), Wendy & Ray Andresen, Tom & Jane Babbitt, Martha Block, Basket, The Red Barn Baking Company, Uncle Willy's Candy Shoppe,
Kristen Lindquist & Paul Doiron, Sarah Ellis, Stephanie & Alan Youngtown Inn.
Kumble, Edie Kyle, Marjorie Maxcy, Richard & Irene Maxcy,
Rosemary & Terence Peacock, Karin and Frederick Rector, Sarah
Rheault, Elaine & Thomas Roberts, Patricia Shannon, Debby Smith,
Barton & Priscilla Wood, Brad Chute & Laura Zalewski.

Dear Members and Friends of Merryspring
We are very fortunate to have so many friends and members of Merryspring who, year-in and year-out, support their Nature Center with gifts of
time and money. You are the reason Merryspring exists and continues to serve our Midcoast community.
Merryspring has an annual operating budget of more than $150,000 to cover salaries, educational programs, supplies, utilities, maintenance,
etc. The major sources of our income are fundraisers — such as the Plant Sale on May 18 & 19 and Kitchen Tour on August 8 — and our annual
appeal for memberships and extra donations. Other income comes from park usage, programs, grants, local businesses, and dividends on our
So, as we continue moving ahead in 2018, we wish to thank all of you on these pages for your contributions in 2017, and we hope that you will
continue to support Merryspring in the future. On behalf of the Merryspring trustees and staff, THANK YOU.
Ray Andresen
President, Merryspring Board of Trustees
P.O. Box 893
Camden, ME 04843

Reserve Merryspring for Your Event
Remember to think of Merryspring when you or your friends
are planning a wedding, memorial service, meeting, or other
special event. Each year several weddings, receptions, and
meetings take place at Merryspring. Conveniently located yet
away from the noise and bustle of the towns of Camden and
Rockport, Merryspring offers stunning gardens and an outdoor
hexagon perfect for small ceremonies. A well-tended lawn bor-
dered by flower beds filled with spectacular color from June
through September will accommodate a tent for up to 200
guests. And the meeting room inside the Ross Center is spa-
cious and airy.