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Quick Reference Card

GoldMine Business Contact Manager Work Area

Main Menu contains Toolbars provide a quick way Contact record is the
commands to perform to execute specific commands center of all information
daily operations about individuals with
whom you interact

Title bar displays

program name

places frequently used
commands, documents,
and macros in one
convenient location

Org Chart
displays the contact’s
associations with
departments, companies, etc.

Tab bar
presents detailed
information about
a contact

Customizable background Status bar displays the open

can display your organization’s database, status of Num Lock and
logo, background graphic, Caps Lock, user name, and date
and text and time
Basic Toolbar Tab Bar

Create a
Summary Fields
Open another contact
contact record database file Automatically generated Customizable screens and fields
details on activities scheduled and that your organization uses
View another contact completed for the contact to store special information
record in a new Dial the contact’s for contacts
window telephone number
Notes Contacts
Start the timer Insert a note for
this contact record General information about the Information about additional
contact that might be helpful contacts at the same organization
working with the individual in with whom you interact, other
View the Org Chart Look up a a variety of situations than the primary contact
for the contact contact’s record
Details Referrals
View personal or
public groups of Build a filter Supplemental information about Two-way associations between the
contacts the contact that GoldMine can contact and other contacts in the
search very quickly open database
View your personal View the InfoCenter
Pending History
Edit, print, or fax Upcoming activities for the contact Completed activities related to
Print a report scheduled for you or your team the contact logged by you or
your team
Set personal Open the E-mail
preferences in Center
GoldMine Links Members
Files linked with the contact Subsets of contacts (groups) that
View your Calendar View your Activity List record, such as documents, images, include the contact
or applications

Complete an activity Schedule an

appointment Tracks Opptys
Automated Processes tracks

Open sales opportunities that are
(step-by-step instructions that related to or involve the contact
Schedule a call Schedule a next action
GoldMine evaluates to perform a
series of activities) attached to the
contact record
Send a telephone
Schedule a sale message
Long-term projects that are related
Send GoldMine E-mail Send Internet E-mail to or involve the contact
Default Main Menu

File Edit

View Lookup
Contact Schedule Complete

Tools Window Help

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Keyboard Shortcuts
Working in GoldMine Business Contact Manager
Display Help for a highlighted Main Menu command Display Opportunity Manager F9
or active window F1 Display E-mail Center F5
Display predefined field entries, lookup, Display your Calendar F7
calendar (date fields), or clock (time fields) F2 Start timer F8
Display personal Rolodex® F11 Stop timer Shift+F8
Exit GoldMine Alt+F4 Reset timer Alt+F8
Working with Contacts Restart timer Ctrl+F8
Search for a term (within a record) F3 Designing Reports
Go to contact’s record: Center object Alt+C
Next record Page Down Edit object:
Previous record Page Up Cut Ctrl+X
First record Ctrl+Page Up Copy Ctrl+C
Last record Ctrl+Page Down Paste Ctrl+V
Cycle last-viewed records Shift+Page Up Delete Delete
View details about a contact: Change text font Alt+F10
Summary Ctrl+S Align text within object Ctrl+P
Fields Ctrl+F Specify outline properties Ctrl+O
Org Chart Ctrl+Q Select a background Ctrl+B
Notes Ctrl+N Edit a field expression Ctrl+F
Additional contacts Ctrl+C Edit a filter Ctrl+F6
Details Ctrl+D Insert into a template:
Referrals Ctrl+R Section label F6
Pending activities Ctrl+P Text label F9
History Ctrl+H Data field F2
Linked documents Ctrl+L Expression field F3
Members Ctrl+M System field F4
Automated Processes™ tracks Ctrl+T Dialog field F5
Opportunities Ctrl+Y Line Ctrl+F9
Projects Ctrl+J Picture
Edit contact’s record Ctrl+E from disk file Alt+F8
Edit text in notes: Ctrl+I from clipboard Alt+F7
Undo typing Ctrl+Z Duplicate field Alt+F5
Cut selected text Ctrl+X Work with dialog fields (prompts):
Copy selected text Ctrl+C Create Ctrl+R
Paste copied text Ctrl+V Edit Ctrl+M
Scheduling Activities Delete Ctrl+D
Dial telephone to contact: Specify report settings:
Phone 1 Alt+1 Define margins, ruler, and date format F7
Phone 2 Alt+2 Define a filter Ctrl+F7
Phone 3 Alt+3 Save report template:
Fax Alt+4 Save/update template F10
Send an Internet E-mail Ctrl+Shift+E Save template under a new file name Shift+F10
Display Activity List F6 Set up the printer Shift+F8