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Outcomes after watching the I have learnt… I still have to learn…

videos and analysing them because…

I have learnt it thanks to…

1. Recognise and explain the I have learnt that not I still have to learn how to
variety and complexity everyone behaves the same, react when I encounter a
that exist among not every person has the new experience in a new
individuals in social cultural background, environment. Because I have
groups. therefore this explains why not yet been able to
the variety of different experience this in full
behaviours exist. extend.
I have learnt it thanks to
Caglas interview. How
Turkish people behave in
social gatherings and how
Belgians do.

3. Describe ways in which I have learnt that, if you I still have to learn how to be
people (re)construct have to solely rely on an more open to people whom
and/or (re)negotiate their interpreters opinion when language I do not
own and others’ multiple trying to form bond with understand because not
identities depending on indigenous people, one out being able to understand
experiences, encounters, of two chances, you will fail. their language is a major
contexts, and hurdle.
interlocutors. I learnt this thanks to Nadira
and her experience while
residing in Korea.

4. Recognize and explain the I have learnt that it is not I still have to learn to be
problematic nature of right to not be open to other more open to other cultures.
using certain terms (e.g. people with different culture
ethnicity, race, nation) to Because, as an international
skin. And this thanks to
frame identity. business student, it is very
Nadira and her experience
important to be able to get
with this trait while residing
along with all cultures.
in Korea.
6. Interpret what people say I have learnt hat it is not I still have to learn to be
about their culture as a right to be impolite to more respectful
personal observation, and elderly by not treating them
possibly as evidence of Because, I am not used to it.
with respect, and this is
what they wish others to thanks to Cagla and her
see about themselves. expressions about Turkish
culture and how they treat
the elderly.

7. Recognise when I have learnt that it is not I still have to learn not to use
misunderstandings may right to consider all Turkish other peoples stereotypical
be the result of people to be narrow views and be open to any
stereotyping, minded, just because of new ideas and experiences
ethnocentrism, some of them who are living that I could gain while
essentialising and here not representing the getting to know new people.
prejudice. right values that exist in their
culture, and again this was
because cagla and getting to
know her.