Diverse thoughts – in opposition to the popular conspiracy theories of 9/11 This is not another one of those conspiracy theories, please

read on you might be surprised – maybe it makes you think – I am just pointing out other thoughts – that nobody seems to pick up on and don’t like to share. I was not physical present when the 9/11 or other incidents took place. I am an outsider and I would just like to invite others to think a bit outside the box. Good – Bad – I think that is too simple – we have 2D / 3D / 4D – there is another dimension to this. I saw most of the terror attacks on TV, just like millions of fellow citizen, and of course was shocked and upset about the loose of so many lives. Firstly, I would like to send out a big God bless you to all the families that lost a person in any terror attacks. I feel your loose and send a big hug. But mainly I would like to invite anybody who can think - to view things a bit differently, on this whole conspiracy / terrorist’s theory. Especially – would Americans really allowed a plane to go down on American soil? If they were any Americans on board of any of those planes, they would have rebelled against that. I grew up with Americans and yes they are different, but they are very proud of their country and symbols – they are the only nation that doesn’t even like their flag on the ground…. We all know that there is more behind the story and incident and it just doesn’t add up. The facts are - 2 plans went in the buildings / towers – the third crashed and something hit the pentagon. The towers collapsed and no bodies in any of the plans were found. ????? but a wallet with somebody’s passport (I don’t voice what and who this person was, because we don’t have any proof)… mmmmmmmm on top of all of the collapsed buildings….. makes one think… What actually happened – well, it is proven that something hit the pentagon and some explosives went off inside – see pictures on various websites (I don’t like to re-invent the wheel and show the same thing) – it is also factual to say that 2 planes could not have brought down the 2 towers – building construction (see construction blue prints and ask your science teacher) would not allow that and again I don’t want to draw out what has been already said – and - we all have seen too many demolition scenes to know that it need it a demolition expert to bring them down with loads of explosives on the bottom of the building? We also know if an airplane would have hit the pentagon it would have left a much bigger dent in the buildings / not just one building. Please see the incident pictures in Holland where an airplane did go through a high-rise. Everything else is speculation or opinion. In terror attacks just like in wars or any other violent attack there is more then meets the eye and I don’t think we should point our fingers at anybody – unless you have proof, people and situations get used and mis-used all the time to fulfill the purpose. I think, it would be too easy if we just regard all of this as the governments (Muslims, Jews, Nazi’s e.g.) fault – of course somebody did give the orders to bring the buildings down in the middle of the day, knowing full and well what will happen. Allot of prep work did go into it, but please – does anybody really believe that the most guarded buildings in America can just be brought down like that? Of course not.

The airspace is the most defended airspace in the world – the American jet fighter pilots are trained to the max and, yes mistakes happen, but if one puts all of the events together it doesn’t add up (found passport, cracked light posts, Pentagon penetration don’t show signs of airplane entry, the way the buildings collapsed e.g. – again ask your science teacher) We might never find out the whole truth – but we should not forget one other point, that was never up for discussion. Maybe and I am saying just maybe - there are many reasons why this happened, but nobody thinks to seem to appreciate that - and maybe the government or one of the agencies found it life / human essential to take down those places, and for security reasons where not able to share the real reason with us. I don’t like to come up with speculations, but I think it’s too easy just to point fingers. I think, people don’t just go and bomb places for no purpose – especially if nobody really claimed it – I grew up with terrorist’s attacks – they always make sure they claim what they have done – it’s like a trophy – and I grew up with serial killers and even they have a pattern and make sure their name is mentioned somehow …. You see what I am hinting at? Nobody – claimed it at all – the London attacks were claimed – Lockerbie was claimed – Europe was always claimed – all the hijacking of airplanes were always claimed… the 9/11 attacks are not simple terrorists attacks – there is more behind it. I am sure - we all are aware of the facts now that this was not the way it was staged – this part I totally agree with the conspiracy theorists, but I don’t think it was plain out the sole purpose to harm innocent people – the sole purpose to be evil … covering up something yes – I agree with that – and I agree, that there is something seriously wrong with the explanation they gave the public, but in a way I can understand why. Most people have a certain intelligence to them – average workers and thinkers, and some of the population are simple souls and would not understand or appreciate some of the actions that the government sometimes has to take, even when it means taken some life’s for the good the nation – which is debatable and one can have their own views on if that is right or wrong. We are talking military tactics (if you are not familiar with military strategy, which most of the conspiracy theorists are not, watch 2nd world war movies, they show all you need to know) – now any military member would tell you – sometimes one platoon is sacrificed for the good of the mission or a whole company. Maybe – and that is now just pure speculation – they were things going on, like selling of large military equipment or Bio weapons to the wrong people. Now can you imagine if anybody would have bought or used such weapons? Can one imagine what kind of sacrifice this would have been for the rest of the world? Some “evil” not caring people purchasing something that they can black mail the whole world with. Maybe somebody had to be eliminated - for what ever reason (watch Hollywood movies and you get my point). Some papers were being transferred – which would have compromised the countries security or industry – which would have mend loose of millions or thousands of jobs … I am not saying – that this was done for anything particular good – but it maybe was done to protect the greater good.

I am only saying that there is more to the whole thing that meets the eye and if people sacrificed themselves to safe the rest of us – they deserve a thank you – not finger pointing. Just like the attack of Cuba, if the military would have not attacked Cuba, I personally would not be here today (Google Cuba / Nuclear bomb attack). Allot of people died and we are very sorry for their loose, but allot of people lived and I am thankful for that. I am not an extreme thinker – but I don’t like anybody to tell me what I should think and what fingers to point at. I think, as horrible it was – it was not a simple terrorist attack, now that is a fact – I do agree with the others on that, too many things that don’t add up. Why this was done – that is pure speculation, and I am just saying that one should make up their own mind what to think of it. Too many extreme thinkers that think everything is done against them and everybody is their to harm them – that is too easy. I say, if you always think the worse of people, then you must not be far behind. I think – people should look at facts and not assumptions. Just like when Diana died – I did see a woman that looked like here - getting out of the car and she was walking until the ambulance came and then she got into the ambulance. Now, that is fact – everything else is speculation. Just say, I was a bit shocked, that the woman I saw on TV walking, suddenly was suppose to be died. Until, the facts come out – and until they are shared – don’t protect the government, but don’t blame them either. And if we have any un-known heroes, than a big thank you goes to them – thank you for taking the blame and shame, just that we can go on with our “normal” lives. But people who lost their loved once, they can be assured, - if this was done out of pure evil, with nothing but profit in mind, then the higher authority will deal with them. We might never find out, but they have to live with your guilty concision and there is always a prize to pay in everything we do and say. I would like to hear other views and share opinions – knowledge is power and the people who share become strong. United we stand, don’t allow anybody to make up your mind.