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I have chosen the topic “Unnaipol oruvan as a natural lawyer”, for Jurisprudence.
the movie is about a common man who is challenging the government by acting as a
terrorist himself in order to punish the four terrorists who were a great threat for our
nation, who have a been involved in various bomb attacks and who have killed many
peoples. The hero of this movie “The Common Man” wants justice against the crimes
which was committed by them. In this project I am going to analysis the movie in relation
with natural law and its theories which was given by various philosophers. I am going to
discuss about theories of Thomas Hobbes, Hugo Grotius, Saint Thomas Aquinas. I am
going to relate these theories with the movie “Unnaipol Oruvan”. The hero in the
abovementioned movie uses force as coercive way and commands the officers of the law
to kill the accused. It is related with the naturalist view where one takes the law into his
own hands.


 Whether the Hero of this movie a Natural Lawyer or a positivist ? How?

 Will Natural Law be applicable in contemporary India?


I am going to do Comparitative study in my project. In this project I am going to

compare the Hero of this movie and the principles of Natural Law to prove that the Hero
of this movie is a Natural lawyer.