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Oil & Gas Journal

Site License Program

Oil & Gas Journal Site License Program

► The OGJ Site License Program includes the

following options based on package selection:
ƒ A combination of print and online access to the Oil &
Gas Journal
ƒ Online access to searchable archives dating back to
ƒ OGJ Industry surveys in PDF and Excel format
ƒ Over 150 Industry statistical tables in Excel format
ƒ Discounts on over 75 PennWell Petroleum Books
ƒ Discounts on PennWell Maps and Atlases

Site License Packages
Two Packages – Site License and Research:
OGJ Site License OGJ Research
►Site license customers receive a mix of ►All products included in OGJ Basic
print and digital copies of Oil & Gas plus the following paid content:
Journal ► 40 OGJ Surveys in Excel format
►Online, searchable access to current ► 150+ energy Statistical tables in Excel
and archived articles dating back to 1990 format
► Access to all web-only content. ►7 OGJ Industry Research Reports
►Access to special reports published by ►Discounts on PennWell Books, Maps
Oil & Gas Journal, including long-running and Atlases
annual exclusives, such as the Capital ►Custom data packages available
Spending Report, Forecast & Review,
Worldwide Report and many more.
►RSS headline feeds for inclusion on
corporate intranet

Industry Surveys in PDF and Excel
► PDF format
ƒ Easy to download and print

► Excel format
ƒ The very useful and popular oil and gas industry
surveys that appear in the Oil & Gas Journal are
available in Excel spreadsheet format. Excel
format provides users with much greater ease in
obtaining the data and much greater flexibility
working with this data.

ƒ The OGJ Online Surveys contain several years of

data and will enable users to easily customize and
categorize the data lists as well as do trend and
cycle analysis. 4
Industry Surveys in PDF and Excel
► Worldwide Refinery Survey: ► Production Projects Worldwide:
All refineries worldwide with detailed Planned production mega-projects
information on capacities and location. throughout the world: location, project
► Worldwide Refinery Survey and name, peak year, production volume,
Complexity Analysis: operator company, development type, oil
Includes the Nelson Refinery Complexity sands projects.
Index calculated for each refinery ► Drilling Rig Construction - Offshore:
► Worldwide Gas Processing Survey: Rig construction projects from Oil & Gas
All gas processing plants worldwide with Journal in Excel format. Covers jack-up rigs,
detailed information on capacities and semi-submersibles, drillships and tender
location. assist vessels under construction. Details
► Worldwide Oil Field Production the owner, design, shipyard, delivery date
Survey: and cost.
Worldwide oil production by country, ► Worldwide Construction Projects:
company and field List of planned construction products
► LNG Worldwide updated twice each year. Includes data on
Facilities, Construction Projects, Statistics location, company, capacity, contractor,
cost, etc.
► International Ethylene Survey ► OGJ 200/100 International Company
Information on country, company, location, Survey
capacity, etc. Financial and Operating information for the
► U.S. Pipeline Study top 200 US Companies and top 100
Based on OGJ’s annual Pipeline Economics International Companies
Report with U.S. company operating and ► OGJ Guide to Export Crudes---Crude
financial information. Oil Assays
Assays of over 190 of the most important
crude oils in world trade. 5
General Surveys
► Worldwide Refining ► Crude oil Assays
► Worldwide Refining Historical ► International Refining Catalyst
► Worldwide Refining and Complexity Compilation
Analysis ► OGJ 200/100 International Company
► Worldwide Refining and Complexity ► OGJ 200/100 International Historical
Analysis Historical ► OGJ 200 Quarterly
► Worldwide Gas Processing ► LNG Worldwide
► Worldwide Gas Processing Historical ► OPEC Statistical Package
► Worldwide Oil Field Production ► Asia-Pacific Statistical Package
► Worldwide Oil Field Production ► Latin America Statistical Package
Historical ► Europe Statistical Package
► International Ethylene ► Africa Statistical Package
► International Ethylene Historical ► Drilling Rig Construction Offshore
► Enhanced Oil Recovery Rigs
► Enhanced Oil Recovery Historical ► Production Projects Worldwide
► U.S. Pipeline Study ► Oil Sands Projects
► Worldwide Line Pipe Mills

Worldwide Construction Projects

► Worldwide Refinery Projects

► Worldwide Refinery Projects Historical
► Worldwide Petrochemical Projects
► Worldwide Petrochemical Projects Historical
► Worldwide Pipeline Projects
► Worldwide Pipeline Projects Historical
► Worldwide Gas Processing Projects
► Worldwide Gas Processing Projects Historical
► Worldwide Sulfur Projects
► Worldwide LNG Projects
Offshore Surveys
► US Gulf Of Mexico Deepwater Discoveries and Status
► Worldwide Seismic Vessel Survey
► Worldwide Survey of Marine Stimulation Vehicles
► Worldwide MODU Construction/Upgrade Survey
► MWD/LWD Services Directory
► Global Field Development Survey
► Rotary Steerable Tool Directory
► Environmental Drilling & Completion Fluids Directory
► Deepwater Drilling Rigs Worldwide

Industry Survey in Excel

Industry Statistical Tables in Excel
► Key statistical indicators for activity in all segments of the oil, gas and
energy industries.
► Utilize valuable time for analysis instead of searching for and inputting
► Thirteen energy segments containing over 150 Excel tables, updated
weekly, monthly or yearly, depending on data availability:

► Demand and Consumption ► Weekly Stats

► Energy ► OGJ Statistical Tables
► Exploration & Drilling ► Price & Capital Spending
► Imports & Exports ► Production
► Refining
► Natural Gas
► Reserves
► Offshore ► Stocks

Industry Statistical Table in Excel

OGJ Industry Research Reports
ƒUS Pipeline Activity Report 12 month Subscription
ƒOffshore E&P Outlook Worldwide
ƒDelayed Coking Package
ƒFluidized Catalytic Cracking
ƒRefining Hydrotreating
ƒLNG Regasification and Terminals
ƒLNG World Trade and Prospects

OGJ Industry Research Reports

PennWell Petroleum Books
► Research customers receive a discount on all books published
by PennWell.
► PennWell Books cover all aspects of the petroleum industry from
oil and gas investment to oil exploration to offshore drilling.
► Written by selected industry experts, PennWell books will help
broaden the expertise of your employees in their current field,
understand other related disciplines, provide quick-glance
references as a topic arrives in their daily routine, and make
excellent classroom, seminar, and in-house training texts.
► PennWell’s 75+ titles include books in the following categories:
• Business • Offshore
• Drilling • Pipeline
• Exploration • Production/Reservoir
• Financial Engineering
• Natural Gas • Reference
• Nontechnical • Refining
PennWell Petroleum e-Books
► Research customers receive a 3 month subscription to
PennWell’s e-book program.
ƒ The PennWell e-books are the PennWell Petroleum’s 9 Best Sellers

► PennWell’s 9 e-books include the following titles:

ƒ Petroleum Refining
ƒ Oil and Gas Pipelines
ƒ International Petroleum Accounting
ƒ Petroleum Geology, Exploration, Drilling and Production
ƒ Glossary of the Petroleum Industry
ƒ Oil and Gas Production in Nontechnical Language
ƒ D & D Standard Oil and Gas Abbreviator
ƒ Dictionary of Petroleum, Exploration, Drilling & Production
ƒ 2007 International Petroleum Encyclopedia

Research customers
receive a discount on all
books published by

PennWell Maps & Atlases
► Site License customers receive a discount on printed maps &
atlases published by PennWell.
► Atlases are our company's most detailed reference product
available in print. Each atlas contains the pipelines and facilities
for a single commodity depicted on a road map type base. The
full -color 11" x 17" pages are bound in a three-ring binder.
Scale is no less than 1" = 20 miles and is as large as 1" = 1.25
miles in highly congested areas.
► PennWell wall maps are available in the following categories:

ƒ State Maps- detailed, state specific petroleum infrastructure maps

for each of the lower 48 states.

ƒ Systems Maps- high quality, conference style, multi-color maps

depicting pipeline systems by commodity.

ƒ Energy Infrastructure Maps – A collection of international energy

infrastructure maps.
Customizable Company Web Page

A customized corporate landing page:

Your employees will access the OGJ on your intranet
via IP address recognition or remote login.
Site License Package
ƒ OGJ Print Subscriptions
ƒ OGJ Digital Subscriptions
ƒ Online, searchable access to current and archived
articles dating back to 1990
ƒ Access to all web-only content.
ƒ Access to special reports published by Oil & Gas Journal,
including long-running annual exclusives, such as the
Capital Spending Report, Forecast & Review, Worldwide
Report and many more.
ƒ RSS headline feeds for inclusion on corporate intranet
ƒ Customizable Company Web Page

Research Package
ƒ Everything that is included with the Basic Package.
ƒ 40 OGJ Surveys in Excel format
ƒ 150+ energy Statistical tables in Excel format
ƒ 7 OGJ Industry Research Reports
ƒ Discounts on PennWell Books, Maps and Atlases
ƒ Custom data packages available

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