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Jonathan Tran


Period 1

3.2.5 Client Report: Jeremy Brown

Health History:​ Jeremy Brown is a 24 year old law student.​ He eats most meals

outside home, he drinks caffeinated beverages to stay up and study, and he is also

stated to be a very competitive swimmer but lately has had limited time to exercise other

than walking to class. Has family history of heart disease in both parents, while his

father takes medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol and his mother has had

an angioplasty to open a blocked artery.

Proposed Plan:​ Minimize the amount of caffeine that is consumed to 1-2 cups per day,

Jeremy is consuming way too much energy drinks which contain lots of calories, he’s

not using the energy to exercise but to study instead. Jeremy also needs to choose

healthier foods to eat, instead of eating fast food, he can prepare healthier homemade

foods while still eating his 2-3 servings of fruit per day. The last proposal is that Jeremy

should exercise at least 3-4 times a week to become more active like he used to be,

now that his only exercise is walking to class, his fitness level just isn’t where it used to

Calorie Consumption:​ Jeremy is in fact using more calories than he consumes. His

average calorie consumption is 3024 calories, while his TDEE is 2306 calories, his BMR

is 3171 calories. If Jeremy continues the same eating pattern, he will lose almost 1

pound and a half.

Overall Assessment:​ In conclusion, Jeremy should try to create more time in his

schedule to exercise and also regulate his calorie intake because of his health history.

Jeremy is not getting enough of the designated food groups, he needs to change the

calorie intake and saturated-fat intake. He needs to improve his diet from eating fast

food, to eating healthier options such as eating more vegetables and fruits. Jeremy also

needs to find more time in his schedule to start exercising in order to improve his

sluggish mood and improve his quality of life. Also by improving his diet and exercising,

Jeremy is also being cautious of risk due to his family’s medical history of high

cholesterol and high blood pressure. He should also reduce his sodium intake as it is

recommended to not surpass 2300 mgs a day, thus he should drink more water to

reduce his sodium levels. By integrating a better diet and exercise in his schedule,

Jeremy’s quality of life will improve and remove the sluggish feeling in his life.
Meal Plan:​ 2300 Calorie Meal Plan


Metric BMI ​= (Weight(kg)/Height(m))/height(m)

Height: 6’2” (74*2.53) = 187.22 cm = 1.8722 m

Weight: 235 lbs (235*0.454) = 106.594 kg

(106.594/1.8722)/1.8722 = 30.4108303

Metric BMI = 30.4

Men’s BMR = ​66.5 + (13.75*W) + (5.003*H) - (6.775*A)

Weight in kilograms
Height in centimeters

Age in years

​66.5 + (13.75*106.594) + (5.003*187.22) - (6.775*24) = 2306.22916

Jeremy’s BMR= 2306.22916

TDEE = BMR x activity index

2306.22916 * 1.375 = 3171.06509

TDEE = 3171.06509

3171 - 3024 = 147 ← Average Calories Burned Daily

147 * 30 = 4410 ← Average Calories Burned per Month

4410/3500 = 1.26 ← Estimated weight loss per month if eating pattern continues.