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TP Task 1 — Promoting Scientific Thinking This task is linked to EPR3703; using higher level questions (Bloom's Taxonomy) to develop students’ thinking. Teaching students the skills of scientific thinking is not only for science, but can be applied to any area of learning. Complete this while observing your MST as he/she conducts a Science lesson within ur first week of teaching practice. Explain the questing is important to know what the $ already know and what the gap in thelr Knowledge. there ineettancstol SFr gsi hw penne gan mae he {questioning in science Reference ‘https:/(garyhalLory.ak/lmportance-of-questioning. amt Engagement | Question(s) asked by] Was Activity the teacher thinking (& subject & LO) time How did the students’ respond? given? IFyes, how much? snare some coe 165,31 second = TP yy we she sain words inthe LO that hey Kiowa Theme mata] ai aaTacaans Ye aa [aan Describe the materia) Tak Sw deere tmncrainny | pe Tsao [wos wan To Umar Ti eva Hs Teta sccmwimatnarst sg cera nauen | sesso 1 [oS aarti meio ny hand forn 3 ne